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Re-watched the early quarters with Gary. He got good push on a few plays and moved the pile flushing the QB. Then kinda got gassed. But always have to keep in mind, he was surrounded by a bunch of back ups with Pettine running an extremely vanilla scheme. And we're talking pre-season game 1. 

Agree on Z Smith. Having a player of that caliber next to Gary will only help him. And Gary won't be thrown into the fires forcing him to play 75 snaps a game. They can ease him in there. 

I like this take.  It'll be nice to have two veterans OLBs in the Smith Bros being able to take the brunt of the snaps while Gary comes in and plays in situations that fits his current skill set.  Then you hope that Gary can develop those other skills and instincts as he gets on in the year and his career.  I think a major problem with Dom Capers and Mike McCarthy was that they expected every player to be able to do everything asked of them before they saw significant playing time.  Yes it makes sense in a bubble but in the current NFL with limits on practice and the widening gap between NFL schemes and college schemes, I think it's a problem.  Figure out what your players can do well, and put them in a position to do just that.