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Gonna be tough next year.  They are losing a lot on defense.


Yah, but the basketball team will have another year together.....GO BADGERS GO.  

From what I've seen they may need more than a year.

Hopefully the Ohio State BB game yesterday is the bottom. I don't know how it could get much worse. Making the NIT this year could be a challenge. 

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It really came down to the QB play.  Hornibrook made the critical mistake early throwing the pick and they gave up points and he never really recovered after that.  He was off on many of his throws including some easy dump offs.  

Credit to Ohio State they came in with a solid game plan to shut down the run and force the QB to beat them and he couldn't answer the bell.   Pretty amazing that UW was even in the game at the end because they made a lot of mistakes and while you can get away with that against a Minnesota or Indiana you won't get away with it against top level competition. 

Now they are left to wonder "what if" and can redeem themselves with a bowl win but yesterday was a letdown and many of the players said as much after the game.  They did not play as well as they could and unfortunately the good version of Ohio State decided to show up. 

Looking ahead they will lose some key guys like Fumagalli and Tindal and some DL but they return most of their offense and several key defensive players.   They could use another good athlete on the back end of the defense and they have to get better play out of the QB position but their schedule isn't that brutal other than a road game at Penn State. 


Well I had a feeling I was going to jinx things for the Badgers again.  I think they are 0-7 in my lifetime when I have seen them play in person. 

My first thought is how much I hate many O$U fans.  They booed UW's band booed UW when Urban gave some credit to the Badgers for playing a good game.  I hope USC scores 70 points on that team I really do.

As for the game I think obviously the big plays killed UW but besides that the D seemed to adjust as the game went on and played their read option offense pretty well.  But I think ultimately it was the speed of OSU that was the difference.

Offensively I think Hornibrook was ok in spots and horrendous in others but to be fair to him there wasn't many guys open and there were 2-3 plays that the RB/WR just dropped the ball and they would have had huge gains if not some long TD's.

I am not one to complain about officiating but man there sure were some bad non calls in that game.  On one occasion the OSU DB just dragged the UW WR down and not one call.  Even the OSU homers near me said WTF a couple of times.


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