There were some comments during the season about Clark not looking the part. Always smart to make a judgement on a rookie D-linemen. He looks a bit under-sized but plays with really good leverage and great hand use. He only got better as the season wore on - when it mattered most. 

No rookie wall here. Would be great if he can become a player. 

K.Clark's already a player and an offseason of weight training surely helps

Ben Fennell had some great cutups on twitter of Clark taking on double teams, showing his technique, but I can't access them anymore. Couple of other ones linked below

I'm not sure he's really undersized for the role he plays. The days of the Gilbert Brown/Ryan Pickett base NT are over; everybody plays nickel all the time.

GB was looking for a DL with both run/pass talents to play next to Daniels. Clark looks like a great fit and he'll get even more snaps in 2017.

2016 DL snaps were Daniels 64 %, Guion 44 %  Clark 33 %.

I thought the consensus was Clark wasn't expected to start right away, was going to get eased into the rotation, and wouldn't be pressured to play before he was 'ready'.
Raji's decision changed that for better or worse.
Turned out to be for the better, because he responded to his challenge very well. 

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