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And another tweet MM is putting together staff..


Maybe he makes Moss his assistant HC again.

Is Dom available?


You do you Mike....Go get em!

Mike McCarthy building a superstaff in Dallas.

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Probably once he swallowed his pride & took a long look at everything. 

The fact he kept his offense static & opposing teams knew the exact play coming. Absolutely sickening. "We do what we do." Jeezuss fuc.q. It took him getting fired to wake the eff up.

LOL I'm not sure he gets it even now. I don't know that he's capable of adapting. I don't think it will go well for him in Dallas. Time will tell.

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Yes, apparently in an OL role. 

Could Winston Moss be next?

Ron Zook gets a job with McCarthy before Moss.

You obviously haven't been paying attention.  Moss is HIS guy!  So important that he named him Asst HC so no other team could swoop in and hire him away as a promotion!