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The most underpaid position in football. 

Here’s the ball, go get your entire body bashed in for 3 hours. Shower up and do it again in a week. Brutal. 

5 years later you’re done. 

The rookie needs to get the playbook down pronto. We need a sacrificial here so our double-barreled is shooting straight for the last quarter.

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At least they know Aaron Jones name. From the SI recap of the game: 

Feeling the pressure yet again, Rodgers rolled out of the pocket and heaved a pass toward the right sideline as he fell to the ground. There, Damien Williams somehow took the ball away from Chiefs linebacker Ben Niemann while tapping both feet inbounds.

Way to go SI!  

I think Aaron Jones epitomizes exactly what has been wrong with the Packers for years. They have lacked speed and quickness and for quite a few years size as well.

Other teams have had players like Jones, good in space, fast, quick, hard to get down because you can't catch them. Who has GB had since before Terdell Middleton broke down who has been like that? I cannot name one. 

They have had some good backs, Eddie Lee, A Green, Levens, Paul Ott Carruth and Harlan Huckleby. But none of them was that explosive, shifty guy. I think every team needs at least a couple guys like that and probably more on both sides of the ball. 

BrainDed posted:

We were all screaming for MM to put the ball in Jones hands last year.   If he had done so, he still might be coaching. 

How could MM have put the ball in Jones' hands last season when he was starting Montgomery?

Somehow MM looked at the 3 RBs on the 2018 roster and decided the always injured one who was really a WR was the best fit for his offense.

Gute had to ship Ty out to force MM's hand.

The level of play Jones is playing at right now, he is the best RB the Pack has had since Ahman Green was at his peak in 2003. 

I don't think Jones is quite as good as Green in terms of pure running ability, but his pass receiving skills make him a versatile weapon that frankly I'm not sure the Pack has really had ever.  Guys like Dorsey Levens and Edgar Bennett had great hands but weren't as fast as Jones and really weren't true down the field threats even though on rare occasion they might surprise someone and catch a 25 yarder.

I loved Eddie Lacy's brute strength and surprising quickness for a big back in 2013 and 2014.  But even during those 2 very good years for him, he wasn't a breakaway guy and he really wasn't a guy that could challenge downfield as a receiver.  Maybe as a pure runner during those peak seasons, he might have been every bit as good as Jones, but he was nowhere near the receiving threat that Jones is. 

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