It is stupid to proclaim him a bust at this point.  The guy is adjusting to a new position,  learning the NFL game, and hasn't played a ton.  I also remember on this site that Adams was widely seen as a wasted pick (especially by me I fully admit that) and we see how that turned out.  

Could he suck sure he could or he could be the next Reggie we just don't know after some glorified practices.

I’d like to see them keep Lazard.  It will also be interesting to see what happens to Chandon Sullivan.  He’s shown some juice.  And we haven’t heard a lot about Ka’Dar Hollman’s injury.  He was impressive and I hope he can make the team, too.   All in all, I’m really excited by the depth of this team.  I don’t know about you guys, but just the fact that we don’t have a guy like Jason Spriggs on this roster is a huge relief to me!

I imagine GutenChrist will use the IR liberally, keeping some players that would otherwise be released if injuries didn't occur. We'll still have to hope 'fringe' guys like Shepherd or Lizard can make it through waivers and go the PS.
They better have a good read on Burks. If he doesn't go on IR expecting to be back in 2-4 weeks, and takes longer than that, it'll put us behind the 8 ball for FA acquisition. It may be better to IR him if there is anybody else available who can actually pass a physical.

Brainded, your list is pretty good.  D. Williams seems to be in Lafleur's doghouse and may be a candidate for the PS, even though he has got obvious running talent.  I bet Gute is looking for at third RB option.

I think Madison needs a year on the PS.  If they want 9 OL, then McCray would probably stick over Madison.

They may carry 5 safeties if Raven Greene is going to play a lot of ILB reps.  Burks will probably be carried on the roster (53) until he is healthy.  An ILB is needed in the worst way.  Summers isn't ready yet.

Packdog posted:

One guy that looks promising to me on the fringe of the roster is Randy Ramsey. Raw as heck, but if they want upside over "been there done that" with Reggie Gilbert, they should keep Ramsey.  

I've seen a bit of speculation that puts Gilbert on the bubble and that move really wouldn't surprise me. Hearing Gutey talk about Dexter Williams yesterday leads me to believe they'll stick with him due to upside. 

Interesting to see what happens at WR. My guess is they go with Shepherd and try and sneak Lazard onto the PS.

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It's statements like this that make me loathe PFF.  Is there something else inbetween those paragraphs or are they saying release time makes him the highest graded player? 

I'm all for Timmy Time but **** I hate PFF.

I take it as two different data points. One is comparing him to all other players on the Packers offense and one is comparing his release time to all other QB's. Unless we have 20 QB's on the roster? If we did, where would Kizer rank? Top 15 maybe? 

Jsonline:  Bye Bye Kizer?

On what LaFleur looks for when evaluating a young quarterback prospect:

I look for natural throwers, just smooth, fluid deliveries. The greatest throwers of all time all do it in their own way. There's a natural throwing ability among most of the greatest ever to play the position -- the [Tom] Bradys, the Rodgerses. That's one thing when I start evaluating college quarterbacks coming out, I look and see if they have a natural throwing motion. If they don't, I lose interest pretty quickly