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I have been saying for a while that the Vikings passed twice on QB Jordan Love in last years NFL draft.  I need to fess up and correct myself.  I decided to who else passed twice on Love - in the process I found out some things.  It is true that the Vikings had two picks in the first round.  But one was AFTER the Packers picked Love.  LAC picked a QB earlier in the first round.  So although they had 2 first round picks, they did not need to use one on Love.  The teams that did have 2 first round picks and passed on Love (or any other QB) are, JAX, LVR, and MIA. 

He is living in an alternate reality

Dalvin Cook had a phenomenal season.  As did Jefferson.  Yet they still only won 7 games and very easily could have lost games against Jax, Carolina, and Detroit later in the year.  The fact they didnโ€™t makes their 2020 season even more laughable because had they just mailed it in after the Cowboys loss they would have gotten a top 5-7 pick.  Instead, they are picking 14th.  And they donโ€™t have a second rounder.

The Vikings are closer to a rebuild than a contending job.   They very well may turn the page with Harrison Smith and Kyle Rudolph and Anthony Barr in the offseason.  Riley Reiff is likely a cap casualty.  Eric Wilson and Anthony Harris are UFAs.  So they could have to replace several starting positions yet again in 2021.  

That team is a mess from top to bottom and honestly do they look at drafting a QB and just tank next season?  They still canโ€™t release Kurt Cuzhestinks due to the cap hit so Iโ€™d expect more of the same next season.  6-8 wins but not much else.

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It's gotta be tough to come up with scenarios in your mind that make this a poor season for Green Bay.

Let me try โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ

The Packers started the season with everyone โ€“ AND I MEAN EVERYONE โ€“ the national media and our Viking fans among them โ€“ saying that GB needed to draft a WR, an ILB, and a hunk of a DL guy to stop the run.  GB failed miserably on all accounts.  Instead, GB drafted a first round QB, a running back, a TE, and three OL men โ€“ none of which they needed โ€“ and all of which made AR mad, the Packer offense inept, and their defense a sieve.  And now here we are, the Packers STILL havenโ€™t won a super bowl since 2011, Rodgers STILL has only one WR, the run STILL hasnโ€™t been plugged, the Packers STILL havenโ€™t won a playoff game (this year), and the Packers HC STILL hasnโ€™t won the coveted โ€œCoach of The Yearโ€ award.  The Packers should get rid of the bum and start rebuilding immediately.  13-3 is nothing.  It still adds up to 16 like our 7-9 record.

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Viking lose their best talent evaluator to the Broncos who becomes their new GM.

Per ESPN :

Paton is widely considered among the top talent evaluators on the Vikings' personnel staff, and his exit leaves Minnesota with a big void in the front office. Ryan Monnens, the current director of pro scouting, could be in line to replace Paton this offseason.

So, was he the one who helped them choose Jefferson or the one who told them to mortgage the future on Cousins?