Za'Darius Smith deemed most underrated free agent by PFF

Pro Football Focus ranked Smith as the most under the radar free agent this off-season. He graded out at 71.7 on their scale this season.

"It’s setting up to be a deep edge class, which makes Smith that much more appealing on the open market. The other edge-rusher out of Kentucky in 2015, the former fourth-rounder passed up Bud Dupree in a big way this season. Smith notched 60 pressures, the 17th most among edge defenders in the league. He doesn’t offer too much in the way of run defense, but hey, it’s 2019."

Through his first three seasons in the league, he has recorded 74 tackles, ten sacks, two forced fumbles and three pass deflections. He saved his best for a contract year. He recorded 45 tackles, 8.5 sacks, a forced fumble and two pass deflections this season.

Turning out to be a fun day for the fans as they fill in some of the holes in the roster.  

What I like best is if they make no more moves they can go into the draft wish a lot more options.   They can move up or move back.  Maybe take an offensive player.  Or just go heavy on pass rushers to provide depth. 

Boris posted:

Green Bay Packers spending on non-Green Bay free agents (per Spotrac) -- 2011-18: $127.9m million March 12, 7am CST to 11:30am CST, 2019: $183 million

TT is lonnnnnnnngggg gone boys & girls

Maybe I don't remember this correctly, but like a decade or so ago, TT so disdained the early part of Free Agency that I think he wasn't even in the office went on a pleasure cruise or something like that during the first week of it.  He would basically wait until the dust settled and then he might grab a low priced guy or 2, but he really did for the most part stay away from the early Free Agent signings every year.

Back in those days, the Packers' organization was so much better than everyone else (other than the Pats) that they could ignore those early FA signings and focus completely on drafts and lower tier FAs.  By the end of 2017, it was pretty clear the era of the Pack being a top organization was clearly over (and had been for a couple of years prior) and a new way of thinking was needed.

Gutekunst is definitely approaching things more aggressively this time of the year.  He really had to.  This team was so bereft of talent in so many areas, just relying on the draft alone was going to take too long, and time is of the essence when you have a 35 year old QB who is having problems staying healthy.  The Pack has a LOT of holes to fill and getting these 3 guys at the very least is a good start. 


fightphoe93 posted:

Maybe I don't remember this correctly, but like a decade or so ago, TT so disdained the early part of Free Agency that I think he wasn't even in the office went on a pleasure cruise or something.........

You Remember correctly.

the lion king GIF

Found old PIC of a young GUTE trying to get Ted's attention during Free Agency. 



The signings are not much more than they'd have paid to extend their own guys on a second contract (If they'd hit on those draft choices). So the value looks good. I like them much better than the Graham/ Martellus Bennet signings, which looked like panic moves.

Always a good sign when the team he's leaving doesn't want to see him go:

Za’Darius Smith’s loss hurts, too

Smith was a nice success story with the Ravens and was a player who improved throughout his four seasons. The 2015 fourth-round pick became a key part of the defense thanks to his versatility. He could line up anywhere from defensive tackle to outside linebacker and get after the quarterback. He had 8.5 sacks last season. Now he’s off to Green Bay.

While Lamar Jackson got the attention and did lead an effective run-first offense, the Ravens won the AFC North last season on the strength of the defense. The Ravens led the NFL in allowing just 292.9 yards per game.

But more than a third of that starting defense has left the building. It’ll be a challenge to retool on the fly.

Za'Darius Smith is one of four Ravens defenders to leave the team this offseason. [AP)

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