2017 Training Camp

Day 4 observations:

- Josh Jones INT was a nice play, happened right in front of us. There was a miscommunication between Hundley and Mays, Mays didn't turn when he was supposed to (5 yrd out route) and wasn't looking for the ball. Jones undercut him and picked it.

- Coverage overall looked good again, very tight and competitive. Routes are being disrupted and the QBs have seemed a little frustrated with what's available. 

- Punter was booming again. I think he had one tipped though, he may need to speed up his delivery. Kolby Pearson (#1) looks like a practice squad guy, he's a high effort guy who seems to be the preferred #4 punt returner after Cobb, Davis and Rollins. 

- I haven't seen Monty put one on the ground in the team sessions, not sure about individual drills. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened, I just haven't seen it.

- Kendricks made a great catch from Hundley in the back of the end zone. He may not get a ton of passes this year, but he may end up being the best FA we picked up. He's looked sharp, he's the kind of TE we always wanted to see Rodgers have after Finley was gone. 

Not much insight, there wasn't anything new really. 

Herschel posted:  

I like Gunter, but his speed limitations will probably keep him out of the regular starting lineup. 

No disrespect intended against Gunter, but I think he is exactly the kind of player we would want as a back-up or a nickel/dime back.
He may not have the speed to play as a starter vs the Julios or OBJs of the world, but he is smart, instinctive, and now has the experience.

Tschmack posted:

Given the fact Montravis Adams is already doing his best Bustin Harrell impression it's important they find some DL 

The 4 good ones they have plus Guion after suspension aren't enough? Adams likely wouldn't see the field much this season anyway even if healthy.

Tschmack posted:

Given the fact Montravis Adams is already doing his best Bustin Harrell impression it's important they find some DL 

I don't think that is exactly true.  JH took one training camp snap before faking  .... I mean getting his IR injury.  I don't think Adams had any.  Whatever, we (in GB) are use to DL guys going down with season ending injuries. 

Adams injury is a real bummer. Watching him a bit in college, the guy has excellent quickness for a 300 lb man. He could be the inside pass rush that we're in need of. Like him even more than Clark. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a chronic foot issue. 

Pete Daugherty overheard King tell Burnett the coaches were just being careful with his shoulder before practice started. May be nothing. May be career ending. 

In other news I hear Kerridge put a double move on Jake Ryan and got himself wide open and then one-handed an overthrown ball for the catch. Good to see a white 6' 250 lb fullback flash a little athletic ability. On the other hand. ****, Ryan. Get it together man. 

My last day observations:

- I won't say Ryan had perfect coverage, but Kerridge wasn't wide open. Rodgers (maybe Hundley?) hit Kerridge mostly in stride (still had to reach) and Ryan was there. Probably would have been a 6 yard gain if it was a real game. 

- Malachi Dupree had a nice grab on the sideline against Pringle. Yancey had a tough day in the team periods, I think he had a bad drop and just couldn't get on the same page with QBs. Kolby Pearson continues to impress, he's making tough catches against camp bodies with backup QBs. 

- Saw some really nice penetration from Chris Ringo and RJ-F. 

- Marty Bennett came up lame with what looked like an ankle or a foot. It wasn't too bad because he was dancing later and went back in. I wouldn't be surprised if they hold him out of stuff with an ankle injury. Dick Rodgers got poked in the eye and had to come out, he looked fine also. It was scary though, both injuries happened right after each other and it looked out stacked TE position had crumbled. Heart attack moment. 

- Offense looked like they shook the rust off, Rodgers made some really impressive throws to Cobb and Allison, who continues to look really good. 

- Saw good breakups from Brice and Josh Jones.

- Jordan Tripp laid a nice pop on Jamal Williams which offended Barclay and started a scuffle. 

- The interesting formation of the day was a 3-3-5. They had Daniels, Clark, Lowry up front with Matthews, Perry, Ryan at LB with House, Rollins at CB, and Dix, Burnett, and Brice. Burnett was in his high LB/low Safety hybrid spot. They've had a lot of 5/6 DB formations on the field, but never with 3 DL. 

If I had to guess on the 53, based on who I have seen look good and who has gotten reps with the 1's:

QB: Rodgers, Hundley (2)

RB: Monty, Williams, Mays (3)

FB: Rip, Kerridge (2)

TE: Bennett, Kendricks, R. Rodgers (3)

WR: Nelson, D. Adams, Cobb, Allison (Dupre), Davis, Yancey (6)

OT: Bahktiari, Bulaga, Spriggs, Murphy (4)

OG: Taylor, Evans, Patrick  (3)

C: Linsley, Barclay (2)

Total: 25

DL: Daniels, Clark, Jean-Francois, Lowry, Guion (Ringo), Adams (6)

OLB: Matthews, Perry, Fackrell, Elliot, Biegel (Gilbert) (5)

ILB: Ryan, Thoms, Martinez, Tripp (4)

S: Clinton-Dix, Burnett, Brice, Jones, Evans (5)

CB: House, Rollins, King, Randall, Gunter (5)

Total: 25

K: Crosby

P: Vogel

LS: Hart

Total: 3

Practice Squad: Callahan (QB), Jones (RB), McCray (LG), Dupre (WR), Price (DL) Gilbert (OLB) , Pringle (CB), Whitehead (S)

Wouldnt be surprised if they ditched Patrick to keep another QB or RB though. Some guys will be kept past the cutoff due to suspension or PUP list. Just my guess although it's not really a stretch because there aren't a ton of camp battles going on, mostly for depth.

OLine drills were further down from us, I didn't get to see too much of them other than team sessions. I've noticed the last few years that guys who get time in team sessions with Aaron Rodgers, even just minimal time in a rotation, tend to be the ones kept. That's not always true, but if you're in the field with him then you have a good chance of making it. Haven't seen Gray with the 1's or 2's. It's only been 5 days though, much more time to prove himself.

Today Zook mentioned Trevor Davis sent him video of him catching punts over the summer. Zook said he's never had a player do that. Davis wants that job badly. 

Janis sent Zook video of himself trying to field punts at a batting cage. 

I made one of those stories up. 

I think he realizes it's his last chance to make the roster. He's seen Allison take the #4 WR spot, Janis contribute on STs, and the Packers draft two WRs this offseason in addition to the 3 starters that already exist. Unless he can show in preseason that he can contribute well on STs as a returner and some as a WR it will be surprising if he keeps a spot. 

Moss today on Fackrell, "We would like to be more — play with some more aggression, play with some more risk-taking."

"Play with more risk taking". That's just sound coaching and direction. What I'm trying to say is I hope Perry is heavily involved in final say. 

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