I read the article and saw the interview clips, I thought it was well done and regardless of missteps that occurred later in the MM/TT  regime, I donโ€™t think anyone can ever doubt the genuine love he had for GB and his absolute desire to win and make the Packers proud. 

But local sports radio here in MKE were not kind to MM in this interview. I heard him getting ripped this morning and the afternoon for showing too much emotion and crying. Chuck and Winkler, Mike Clemens and a couple from ESPN thought his showing of that kind of emotion is not a good look and may not sit well with  owners. I guess I didnโ€™t see it that way.  

My main concern with MM is if he does get a HC gig, that heโ€™ll again surround himself with the same โ€œyesโ€ people he tends to hire and retain no matter how bad the results get . Jim Haslett, Frank Cignetti, guys from his Pittsburgh days is who heโ€™s networking with in an attempt to come back as a HC. And Iโ€™m not sure thatโ€™s the best idea, he needs dudes who are going to challenge him and bring him fresh ideas. 

As others said, as long as heโ€™s not playing GB, wish him all the best 

Pikes Peak posted:

Dom and Zook are locked and loaded!

Pretty sure Philbin, Slocum, McAdoo and Winston Moss are available as well.

Looks like MM's agent is doing a bang up job of trying to get his client some publicity.

For his sake, it would have been nice if MM had used his year off to shed some weight.

If/when MM gets a job, it is going to be real interesting to see how many of his old GB cronies come along for the ride.

Right or wrong, I think MM still has a reputation as being a "QB Guru", especially where a new or younger one is.
That's why I've always thought he was most likely to go to a team with those circumstances. So, the Panthers make sense from that viewpoint, as does (possibly) the Cowboys. Ditto Cleveland. Maybe Miami or Cincinnati if they draft/acquire a QB, although I don't know that either team is looking to change HC.
It would be interesting if he went to Atlanta. If he did, he would eventually have to transition to a new QB and #1 WR.
FWIW, I don't know that MM is the coach to develop the newer QBs in the league, that may build an offense to compliment their rushing skill. I could be totally wrong, of course, but that doesn't seem to be in his wheelhouse.

I'm not convinced that MM will ever achieve anywhere near the success he had in GB in his  second go round as a head coach. He's had HOF QB's his entire career and under-delivered. Let's remember this is the same guy that would still have Aaron Jones sitting on the bench more than on the field when the whole world knew for years he needed to be on the filed. He  may be a decent OC or assistant but I sure wouldn't want him as a head coach. He was pretty awful for several years.