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@Pikes Peak posted:

Brings up the age old question…who are you going to get who is better?

As  Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago know, it ain’t easy.

Cousins isn't terrible. He just isn't good enough to use 35 million of your cap on and win.

The Bears are the best shape of those 3. At least in Chicago, Fields is on a rookie contact for another 3 years. If you think he is good enough to win with, that's the best QB option of those 3. Mayfield and Goff are already making bigger money.

Excerpt from an article posted above:

The 2009 NFC title game loss, and the fallout from a disastrous 2010 season, led the Wilfs to abandon the "triangle of authority" power structure that gave Spielman, the head coach and vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski equal say over the roster. Ownership made Spielman the GM in 2012; he promised to build a contending roster with homegrown players instead of free agents, and made a habit of trading back into the first round, selecting seven players on the first night of the draft from 2012-14. Six of those players β€” Matt Kalil, Harrison Smith, Xavier Rhodes, Cordarrelle Patterson, Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater β€” reached Pro Bowls in Minnesota.

But Spielman's inability to solve the Vikings' longstanding need at the quarterback position might have affected his tenure more than anything else.

He selected Christian Ponder 12th overall in 2011; Spielman boasted about how Ponder's early statistics compared favorably to passers like Eli Manning and Drew Brees, and passed on Russell Wilson (whom the Vikings coaches loved after working with him at the Senior Bowl) in the third round of the 2012 draft with Ponder on the roster. The Vikings went to the playoffs with Ponder in 2012, but the quarterback lost his starting job in 2013, as the Vikings went 5-10-1 with three starting QBs (Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman) during Leslie Frazier's final year as head coach.

As the Vikings tried to solve their quarterback quandary with a deep study on passing prospects before the 2014 draft, they reasoned they could build a contending team in the short term without an elite quarterback.

@DH13 posted:

The media heads were split on the Cousins signing because some of them felt he was no better than the guy they already had - Case Keenum.  They let Keenum walk right after their last playoff run and signed Kirk to a biggie.

Yeah. It wasn't that Cousins wasn't better than Keenum. He was obviously more talented. If you could have had him for the same cap hit as Keenum that's a no brainer.

It's just that he wasn't better enough to justify allocating him the cap space that you could have used on Keenum AND two other good starters.

Cousins and Keenum before him benefitted from having a top 5 WR group in the NFL every year. It's either been Diggs or Jefferson with Thielen. While none of those guys are Davante Adams, there is probably no other team that's had two guys that good over the last few years.

@EC Pack posted:

Quicker than Meyer in Jax? 

Meyer could get away with a lot more before somebody would clock him. Three national titles at two schools in college and he is the second most successful college coach of the modern era.

PJ Fleck and the "row the boat" shit just makes guys roll their eyes. The "Rah, Rah" stuff works in lower D1 like Western Michigan or at a school that might as well be in the MAC like Minnesota. It gets the fanbase excited. Can you imagine walking into a meeting with Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers and acting like he does?

Saban is the one guy that could have been successful in the NFL had he stuck it out. He would probably still be there if the Dolphins medical staff didn't fail Brees on his physical. Brees was originally headed to the Dolphins, but the doctors were very concerned about his shoulder injury that happened in San Diego. Instead of Brees, Saban got stuck with Dante Culpepper who was a one-trick pony (lob the ball to Randy Moss)

@Fandame posted:

Saban is right where he belongs. He may have made it as a pro coach, but not to the level he has with 'Bama.

He does have better NFL talent come in on annual basis in his recruiting classes than an NFL team would get over any 5 years of drafting.

Last year, 6 of the top 24 picks were from Bama. In 2020, 4 of the top 15 were.

In the past 4 drafts, 27 Alabama players have gone in the first three rounds. 32 guys from those 4 classes have started at least a season for an NFL team. I think it was Tschmak that said in another thread that if you just took Alabama and LSU guys that entered the league in the last 6-8 years no one would beat them. Just Alabama guys would probably do it. I'm not even listing the Front 7 and OL here. They've have 7 OL drafted in the 1st or second round since 2015, 8 DL in that same timespan in those two rounds, and 5 LBs drafted in the top 3 rounds.

QB: Mac Jones, Tua, Hurts

RB; D. Henry, J. Jacobs, D. Harris, N. Harris

WR: Waddle, Jeudy, Ruggs, D. Smith, Amari Cooper

DB: Surtain, T. Diggs, E. Jackson, M. Humphrey, M. Fitzpatrick

His biggest problem now is that Georgia is getting as many 5 stars as Alabama is. The last 4 classes Georgia has gotten something like 22 5-star guys. The guy that returned the pick-6 to clinch it last night (Ringo) chose Georgia over Oregon and Alabama. 3 years ago he probably goes to Alabama.

n the NFL, about 90% of being competitive is having the QB. If he have gotten Brees, he'd have won big in the NFL too. Despite the fact he wouldn't have an enormous advantage in talent at the NFL-level like he does at Bama, he's a good enough coach and talent developer to have succeeded.