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Boris posted:

Brandy Old Fashioned. 

Let's get the history straight.

Sheesh.  My faux pas.

Ever wonder why brandy didn't catch on in the rest of the states?  I get the German connection but there's gotta be some Froggy and Belgian communities out there. 

Edit:  Just remembered a fun fact from my Serbian cohorts.  They drink all kinds of brandy and brandy moonshine in the Balkans.  I think that Wisconsin affinity for brandy has more to do with Serb/Slav/Hun states than France or "Proper" Germany.  As one with Bohemian descent we were considered "Lower Germans".  I don't know if it was derogatory or simply geographic descriptions.  Probably both.  God damn lousy Catholics we were.

Another fun fact, long before Martin Luther there was the Bohemian Jan Hus who was the real originator of the Reformation.  Of course Rome wasn't having any of that nonsense so they killed him and made sure the Holy Roman Empire stayed holy and Roman I guess.  So if you're Bohemian or Bavarian descent that's why you're a lousy Catholic.

Fun stuff.

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In Free Agency I'd go after Joe Schobert/Kyle Van Noy and maybe Jarran Reed. For "wish list" guys, Robby Anderson would be the receiver who might come at a somewhat reasonable price. Then if something like this happened:

Lots of pieces that can move around on defense in the front seven as Brooks (when recovered) would be the true inside guy with Schobert/Van Noy and Baun moving inside and out, Brooks being able to cover, fill or blitz and three receivers with upside. 


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BrainDed posted:
Pakrz posted:

Do you trade a draft pick for Odell Beckham if he becomes available?  Which round?

Not me.   The way he has handled himself on the field, the dust ups with that CB when he was getting beat, and his complaining to the media makes me think he wouldn't be a good teammate.  

I just get the impression he is your prototypical me first WR diva.   

Yea, there's definitely a red flag waiving in the wind with that guy... but his talent level is ridiculous.  I think the culture in GB, led by AR, the Smith brothers, Davante, etc. would tend to keep his attitude in check.  

Can you fucking imagine having Adams and Beckham as your two starting WRs with AR throwing the football?  Good Lord. 

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Adams is a better WR than Beckham. That makes Beckham an instant problem in GB. 

If GB is gonna break the draft equity bank for a WR opposite Adams itโ€™s Amari Cooper period.  

That guy never says a word. Never chats. Not a fucking word.  Just puts up 1,200 yards and 8 TDs every year and quietly goes about his business. Mike will never let him go but Cooper in GB where you lay draft picks or scratch. Cooper is a Reggie or Woodson level FA find. 

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