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You might also remember that the Bears OC last season was Aaron Kromer, who was caught anonymously **** talking Jay Cutler to the NFL Network, and then had to tearfully apologize to the team after the fact.


Since being jettisoned, Kromer has been arrested for allegedly punching a boy over the use of lawn chairs. Those are, presumably, the same lawn chairs that Chicago used to protect its quarterbacks last season.


Welcome back!!!!



I used to live for WYTS before realizing that Drew is a **** writer who thinks RANDOM CAPS and brazilians of swear words per capita equal brave #hottakes, when he and his hack staff aren't trying to combine the social justice campaigns of Tumblr with sports coverage. Also, considering how much accountability he demands out of sports media, the man is a freaking hypocrite. Observe:


2014 Bears:


Your coach: Marc Trestman, who has turned out to be pretty good! Sure, the defense is abominable, but look at all those deep passes that are actually completed! NICE. Trestman's emergence as a sound football mind means we can now move on to the part where the Bears nickel-and-dime him at every turn, until he finally gives up and walks away. That's how it works in Chicago. Either you're a ****ty coach and you fail, or you're a decent coach who gets lowballed and suffocated by management ... and you fail.


2015 Bears:


When we last left the Bears, they were crumbling under โ€œQB guruโ€ and man-who-is-mysteriously-hanging-out-at-a-playground-by-himself Marc Trestman. Turns out that hiring a lameass CFL coach isnโ€™t the unorthodox masterstroke the Bears thought it was! WHAT A STUNNING TURN OF EVENTS.

Also he's Queen homer. YAWN. At least the fan letters are good for a few chuckles.


We worship Ditka 30 damned years after Super Bowl XX in spite of the fact that he is Donald Trump with a mustache.

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From the comments section:


I am the idiot who spent $250 on an opening day ticket so I can watch Rodgers personally fist **** every last one of our players as Cutler and his unvaccinated family sit on a mountain of money. Iโ€™ve basically paid to watch the team I love bukkake all over my childhood.

I suspect the comments are fake, since the spelling, grammar and level of wit seem well beyond the facility of the typical Bears fan.

But still it's funny 'cuz it's true.