Boris posted:

Give Silvy some credit.....he hasn't had to worry about the Pack potentially being over the cap for about a decade during free agency. 

Usually the reporters all take vacation during the first week of FA because they know the Pack won't do anything.....

It's a fresh new day at 1265.

That might be one of the  best posts ever on this site.  Well played.

The Packers have potential big contracts coming off the books in 2020 as well. Mike Daniels, Bulaga, Williams, and potentially Crosby, along with Spriggs.

Unless Daniels stays healthy and has a good season, I don't see any of those guys being re-signed or being re-signed to big contracts. 

I like me some Mike Daniels but he hasn't been able to finish the last 2 seasons and his level of play seems to trail off once late November hits. He's also almost 30. I don't know how much he has left in the tank.

Those contracts plus a couple others IIRC I read give the Packers about 30 million in cap room next season.

Cobb was a great, great Packer. He was responsible for so many incredible memories (come to think of it, almost all vs Chi However, he was breaking down. While he was always memorable for a few great plays every year, his time was up. Especially in this new regime. Clean out the old and bring in the new. Change is tough.

Pakrz posted:

Is your google broke?

I don’t use google, I use Duck Duck Go, and really why should I go someplace else when this IS the place to be.    But thanks, I will check Duck Duck Go out for some sort of list I’d like to see all of the comings and going of Packers.  

Tavis Smiley posted:

This is not a funeral, but this play sticks with me and always will. Watched at the Varsity Club down here in FL. (I may have kissed another guy Man I love the Packers.



Also a HUGE thank you to John Kuhn for that block on Peppers! The second greatest block in Packers' history!

packerboi posted:

Makes good sense for Clay. That climate will likely extend his career. He can essentially be a 40-50 snap part time player and play at least a couple more years. 

And he’s a California boy so makes sense. Thanks for the memories Clay. 

Also, with Donald pushing the middle and Fowler on the other side, Clay may get a lot more opportunities to do what he does best and just go after the passer.

Good move for Clay personally and professionally.

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