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and Rodgers's two best friends whom he basically trusted the most with the ball and who always just knew where to be are now gone.

...and I say that's a good thing.  

1 - Lets get back to taking what the D gives us.  Not targeting your trusted guys no matter what. Let's get back to spreading the ball around. Once upon a time, there were many games where six, seven, eight, nine different guys caught passes. Lately, not so much.

2- The trusted guys were not getting separation.   I'm hopeful the youngsters will provide better targets. There's not a whole lot of old guys left now. It's Adams, maybe Graham, a year-off Geronimo, and a bunch of new guys. MLF has to scheme guys open and tell Rodgers to hit the open guy and not wait for just the old trustworthy guys. Going into their second years, ESB, MVS, Tonyan, yes, even Moore, should take a jump up and Rodgers needs to get them the ball.

Added to that for ya...

Geronimo Allison's one year deal with the Packers is worth $2.8 million and included a $750,000 signing bonus. Base salary of $1.45 million, up to $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses and a $100,000 workout bonus. He opted to sign that and stay with the Packers rather than wait to see if there were any restricted free agent offer sheets. If there weren't, he would've played on the $2.025 million low RFA tender that did not include any up front money.

 Rob Demovsky, ESPN Staff Writer
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Why do I feel like the pats will trade a 4th rounder and a half eaten burrito to move up in the draft and take a tight end that will eventually become another hall of fame player?

You're probably not too far off with this.  NE will end up with either of the Iowa boys or the Alabama kid and keep on trucking. 

For sure the Pats will try to trade ahead of the Pack at 30 to get one of those three. Guessing if Gutey really wants one of them at 30 he'll have to trade up a bit, cuz NE has enough draft picks to get ahead of the Pack at 30.