DH13 posted:

Bad Bob doesn't like Z'D, calls him Perry 2.0 and GB overpaid for him.  He does really like Preston though.

Z'Darious Smith has started 59 out of 64 possible games.  He also had 60 QB pressures and 25 QB hurries. He and Preston Smith have a major difference when it comes to Perry. 

They show up to play. 

MNPackman posted:

vikings G Nick Easton signed with the saints. I heard he took less money to do so......

This leaves the vikings with 1 guard under contract, the rock solid Danny Isidora.

That's gotta be Fake News! Everyone knows no one signs for less unless they are signing with the Queens. Everyone wants to be there! 

michiganjoe posted:
michiganjoe posted:



Ugh. Checking the numbers, the only salary that stands out as potential dead weight is Tramon Williams. Cutting him would free up about $4 million.

Just saying. 36 years old. Has to be his last year. I’d bet they’ll be looking real hard at his potential replacement in camp. 

Slobknocker posted:

Packers make error in cap space

If true no more FA I would think


How much more in-f'in-ept does Murphy have to be before he is shit canned?  Really killing it there ol' Murph.  Good thing you kept Vice President of Jockstrap Acquisition and Implementation on staff!

Pretty much done with FA.  Didn't need Breeland anyways.  Who needs solid depth and rotation with Clay?    

I don't know that I'd go off yet, Henry.
It makes little sense to me; the Packers have managed the salary cap very well since it began and it's hard to imagine a $20M-$30M "miscalculation".
Also, who 'discovered' this? Was the team notified by the league, or was it strictly in-house? Unless a "source" has paperwork related to either, it's dubious.

If it turns out to have any truth, I'll hold Murphy for you while you drop-kick him right square in the nuts.

Whoever is responsible, be it the NFL or the Packers, is already affecting the FA period.  Breeland is signed.  They walked away from a safety prospect.  They can't approach anyone when this would be a great time for mid tier guys to help with depth.  You discover a cap error in the middle of FA?!  WTF!

FLPACKER posted:

So Silverstein saying "I'm starting to hear"  means someone has to be incompetent? 

1) Breeland, which would have appeared to be the easiest and most logical signing walks for a 1 year contract with KC.  

2) Packers and Giants safety basically just completely walk away from negotiations

3) The fact this story, even if it isn't entirely correct, shouldn't even arise in the middle of FA.  It just seems weird that real time reporting would become an issue this year when the Packers hit FA hard.  Maybe Silverstein is out of practice.  Maybe Dwight is out of practice.

Silvy went back and checked the numbers. Shouldn’t you double check the numbers BEFORE you put a story out there? Sounds like someone from the Packers called and told him he was a ****ing idiot and he ****ed up his math. 

So they had ~$36M before the offseason, allocated roughly $23M to new FA additions and have $13M left...the facts everyone has been working under the entire time. Silvy thought he was breaking a huge story, turns out he just didn’t carry the 3 when he was “checking the numbers”.

I wonder if Ibrahim Campbell will not be ready for training camp if the Packers have not yet re-signed him?  That the Packers were looking at a lower tier FA safety from the Giants seems to speak to that.  Right now it is Tramon, Raven Greene and Amos and J.Jones as kind of a safety/LB hybrid role.  It probably is best to move Tramon back to CB, spend a draft pick at the safety spot and roll with a competition in TC for the spot opposite Amos.

Give Silvy some credit.....he hasn't had to worry about the Pack potentially being over the cap for about a decade during free agency. 

Usually the reporters all take vacation during the first week of FA because they know the Pack won't do anything.....

It's a fresh new day at 1265.

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