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As long as you're not counting on him to be your #1 receiver, he's a pretty good utility player. Definitely a return game upgrade. 


As long as you don't throw him the ball downfield, he would add a lot. Minnesoduh wanted him to play WR and he sucked. NE used him as kind of an H-back/returner/screen guy, and he found his role. If Patterson is willing to block at all, now you have a dangerous screen set throwing it to MVS or Adams or  Patterson. I can see a lot of different looks off that type of formation, especially inside the 20.

Snyder is a complete idiot who has way too much money.

Also, it's quite obvious most players only care about "gettin paid" & not actually winning. Redskins QB situation is a complete joke & don't tell me "But Boris....they just traded for Case Keenum."

If Snyder gives Moseley $20 Mill per - Silly season is obviously in full swing.

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Floridarob posted:

Trey Flowers to Detroit. 

Hopefully makes them less likely to draft a Pass Rusher at #8

they probably take one of the top TEs now. 

Not likely now, plus they are still feeling the burn from Ebron not working out for them.

The Snyders of the league are the ones who have whored up the cost of tags, and why teams have to pay mediocre QBs $30+M per season.
Another silent killer of the league. It's not a sustainable business model in the long term.
JMHO, others may vary.

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Yeah, the Brown trade is cap hades for Pitt this coming year, but after that they automatically free up $21 million from Brown, plus this year is the last big hit for Big Ben at $23 million. They want to extend Ben—maybe—and would make it cap-friendly. But with Brown gone, I could see Pitt letting Ben play out the year, him retiring, and Pitt starting over with an awful lot of cap space. No Brown, Bell getting out, Ben is 37... time to reset.

Nice take.
I wouldn't be surprised if Pittsburgh goes through a transition like the Packers just did in the next year or two. Coaching staff, front office reorganization, etc.

The Jacksonville Jaguars added a new leader under center when they reportedly signed quarterback Nick Foles on Monday.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported the agreement. Adam Schefter of ESPN added that Foles will receive $50.125 million in guaranteed money, with Mike Garafolo of NFL Network noting Foles' deal has a max value of $102 million.

Blake Bortles is expected to be released by the Jaguars after the deal is official, per Rapoport, who said it "will be a few days" before the quarterback is out in Jacksonville.


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