Boris posted:

Yay! Pack signs z'daruius Smith!!

It needs it's own thread .

Great signing in my opinion. The guy is an OLB who is 6 foot 4 and 270 lbs. and can flat out run.  He is widely considered to be the Ravens best defender last year with 8.5 sacks and something crazy like 60 QB hits and pressures.

i think they should keep perry (oof).  this does allow the draft to have the lap fallers get snatched up, no matter where they are.  it really opens up someone on the OL / TE to be the picks, likely even a S / Pass rusher...or even ilb, all kinds of options now, i also think they will re-sign cm3 - so that's becoming a nice rotation, i think if perry and cm3 are not 3 down guys -they stay on the field for the full season.  

Pakrz posted:

PFT says GB is one of 6 teams in the running for Laveon Bell. 

I wouldn't have given this any attention previously but with today's dealings it really changes the complexion of where the Packers are going. Showing they want to win now brings all kinds of possibilities. The draft now looking to have lots of options.

The are add on offense, too. They’re signing versatile OL Billy Turner, source said.

Turner is a swing player who played both tackles positions and left guard. The showed interest in re-signing him, but the price was too high. He fits the wide zone type of guard the Packers are looking for and could easily fill the RG position.

michiganjoe posted:

And there it is...



Figured Perry would be gone, and it's a good move for the Pack and for Perry.  He is better fit in a 4-3.  Good luck to you, Nick.  Hope you can get healthy.

No thanks on CM3.  He gives great effort in run D, but his legs are shot.  Would still like to see one more EDGE signing, actually, once the FA frenzy dies.  Maybe a one-year prove it deal or low-pick trade for another player on a roster.  Reggie Gilbert is at best a 5th EDGE, Fackrell should be no higher than 3rd/4th EDGE.

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