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Was hoping for a OLB signing like Preston Smith, but sounds like he has several teams calling....would be happy with Z'Darius Smith as a fall back. Then get a guy like Tre Boston if the other safeties are demanding too much coin. Underrated. 

Hehe....Happy Days !! 

Gutelicious on the move !!  

Pikes Peak posted:

Looks like L Bell and the Bears are cozying up, don't like the sound of that.

Pakrz posted:

I give no shits about the money or this perceived “cap hell” some speak of. Rosters and caps are fluid. Sign players and f’ing win games. 

It’s time for a Gooty-call. 

Rodgers ain't getting any younger. 

Go for it now....if it fails.....then tank, get #1 overall pick for Jesus (Clemson QB)

John Pluym ESPN 

LB Preston Smith, who intends to sign with the Packers when free agency officially opens at 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, should be significant upgrade rushing the passer. Smith has 103 QB pressures in the past two seasons, according to NFL Next Gen Stats, ninth in the NFL and ahead of players such as Cameron Jordan (99), Calais Campbell (93) and Jadeveon Clowney (88).

50k Club posted:

We'll have to see how the numbers shake out for these contracts.  The Turner APY is pricey though.  Unfortunately, that is cost of drafting poorly and having to turn to FA.

I don't pay attention to contract numbers reported today. How the deals are structured, what the actual cap hits are, guaranteed/bonus $$, etc... all of that is the real meat. We won't know all that for a few days.

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GB has some young talent there... Not saying they’re set, but there are other places on roster where there’s much less talent. 

Jaire Alexander. That’s it.

No.  King can play if he is healthy and Jackson is heading into year two.  GB has some good young talent there.  Now they just have to pan out. 

When has King ever been healthy? He's like Justin Harrell with tallant. Those kind of guys are always hurt. Their bodies can't keep up. Jackson is young so I will give him the benefit of doubt, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's a bust.

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Yay! Pack signs z'daruius Smith!!

It needs it's own thread .

Great signing in my opinion. The guy is an OLB who is 6 foot 4 and 270 lbs. and can flat out run.  He is widely considered to be the Ravens best defender last year with 8.5 sacks and something crazy like 60 QB hits and pressures.


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And there it is...



There were 2 things that worked against Nick Perry here.  1st, he was a little bit out of position in a 3-4 defense, he probably would have been at his best in a 4-3.  2nd, he was made of glass.  Neither was his fault, so I have nothing against the guy.  He did have his moments, but never seemed like quite as good as they thought he could be with the exception of one really nice year. 

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