Grave Digger posted:

Agreed, even if they don't land Thomas or Collins there shouldn't be any reason we go into next season with Brice, Jones, or Greene sniffing a starting role. It will be a major failure by the FO if we're starting Tramon paired with one of those guys. 

It was a major failure by the FO last season that Brice was starting. And you could even make the same argument about Clinton-Dix, who quit on the team late in the 2017 season.

Ford would be well worth a second round pick. He’s just 27 as well. From NFL com:

Ford is slated to make around $15.4 million on the tag in 2019, a price tag that the Packers ($36 million in cap space) and 49ers ($66.7 million) are clearly both willing and able to pay, at least for this season.

Rapoport reported Tuesday that Kansas City was willing to trade Ford for a second-round pick, as the 3-4 outside linebacker might no longer be as big a factor in new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo's 4-3 defense.

While there are questions surrounding Ford's fit with the Chiefs, there's no denying his talent and upside. The linebacker contributed to a feverish Chiefs pass rush last season with 13 sacks and a league-high seven forced fumbles.

Green Bay has openly been in the market for an edge rusher, and Ford could be a defining member of Mike Pettine's defense with the Packers.

Not saying Ford is Perry, but the team needs to exercise caution with a guy that hasn't done it consistently. That's a lesson they should have learned from Nick.

IDK, if we traded our second pick I look at it like this (not considering the contract $).... the chances of a second round pick being as good as Ford within the next two years are slim, the chances of a second round pick ever being as good as Ford are below average. In addition, we have the 30th pick as a bonus, which we can consider the better replacement for our second round pick. Even if we gave up the 30th pick, we are in essence getting Alexander and Ford for Davenport (who the Saints took with our pick).