Interesting group of non-stars that could fit in GB.  The OLB from WAS looks good for Pettine's D.

Packerswire Underradar FA's

Smith, who just turned 26 years old a few weeks ago, has 24.5 career sacks in just four seasons. But maybe the most attractive aspect of Smithโ€™s game is his reliability. Heโ€™s never missed a game in his pro career, playing in all 16 games in each of his four seasons.

But itโ€™s not just rushing the passer for which Smith offers value. The 6-6, 255-pounder is excellent in the run game. He finished as PFFโ€™s No. 23 run stopper among qualified edge defenders and was the No. 19 overall edge defender.

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When I think of Spriggs, I can't help of thinking of dudes like Allen Babre and Marshall Newhouse. Hardly what you would call stellar tackles and at best were average at playing the position, yet they hung around the league year after year. 

I could easily see the same thing happening with Spriggs. If the Packers cut him, it would certainly be understandable. But my guess is he won't be unemployed for long. Teams just won't give up on a player who even remotely resembles a OT. 

Also, this is nuts:

NT Kenny Clark: Thereโ€™s no question about Clarkโ€™s return. The debate is whether the Packers should sign him to a long-term deal later in the season. They have him under contract for two more seasons, so itโ€™s not necessary. But if he continues on this path, heโ€™s going to be a star. He was on pace to play 80 percent of the snaps until injuring his elbow late in the year. He had six sacks, 10 pressures, three QB hits and three tackles for loss. Amazingly, he missed just four tackles.       

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