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DocBenni posted:
BTW, a little advise from DocBenni after my shift last night:  if you ever plan on sticking something into your a$$.  Please tie a string to it.....

Hey Doc:   did you plagiarize that from one of those "Hints from Heloise" articles in Good HouseKeeping magazine:  "remember, IF you ever plan on sticking something up your butt, then don't forget to tie a string to it..."

thanks DocBenni!

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DocBenni posted:

No matter what happens today, I want to go on record as saying that I'm proud of this team and what they have done since going 4-6. I was one of those who was calling for a clean slate (I'm sure someone can dig up my old posts if needed).  I was calling for a lose out the rest of the season to improve draft status.  I am enjoying my crow.  I've browned it a little and thrown it into a great roux.  I'm serving it as kind of an etouffe over some dirty rice.  I figured a cajun theme would be nice. 

I'm not sure how today's game/rest of the playoffs will go, nor do I know what the off season holds.  However, I love this team and being a Packer fan. I will not enjoy leaving  home immediatley after the game and going into work, but such is life.  Hopefully it will be after a Packer's playoff win so I can remind some of those I work with here in detwat, that they haven't had one in a long, long time.

Go Pack!


I remember.....

No matter what happens in the playoffs this year, changes are needed to stay competitive.

I love this team & I'm thankful they are in the playoffs.

FYI....Currently the home team is winning/has won every playoff game this year. Let's hope that trend continues. 

The finality of it all sucks but we can & will prevail. How about an instant classic in our favor today?? I would really enjoy that.

Intense but relaxed.  Pissed off and shouldered-chipped, but having fun at the same time.

Mike will have them ready.  He's done this.  Rodgers too.

It's that defense is the big 'ole question mark, and even that is from injuries.

How about some help for them from old Lambeau?  Game did not sell out until yesterday, but it sold out.    Props to the fans braving -1 degrees to support the good guys and hopefully giving Eli hell.


ChilliJon posted:

Pitt-NE in two weeks. That will be one great game. Agreed about TX part II. 

So, K.C. doesn't have a prayer vs. Pitt in K.C.?

K.C. is good in all 3 phases. Tyreek Hill could change the game in favor of K.C. vs. Pittsburgh.

I think in the playoffs we forget about the teams on a bye. K.C. ain't going to roll over for the Steelers. It just sucks that the Pats have a cakewalk into the AFC CG.

If the Steelers do get by K.C., I agree it will be a great game vs. the Pats because I think K.C. would get steamrolled by the Pats.

I'm hopeful we get to see it

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