-Like everybody here I have been anxiously awaiting who will be our new DC because it will start to shape the 2018 draft board.  Here are my thoughts on the implications of each hire!

  1. Vic Fangio (the clubhouse leader) - almost certainly will beg Gute for a long lean pass rusher like Aldon Smith (SF) or  Floyd (Chi)  - Celin Ferrell or Arden Key looks the part  Dark Horse Marcus Davenport could  mean a trade back.

  2. Gus Bradley-  (Hail Mary candidate) - would probably love Daniels and Clark , Perry and perhaps Lowry as his down 4 and move Clay or  Fackerell  to SLB (I think either of these two might be very good )  in this role duking TE's and not getting pounded by tackles all day.  He might make Josh Jones a star as a weak-side LB and Martinez playing a modern MLB role.   Definitely would want situational rushers and could be happy with a 2nd or 3rd day pick to help the pass rush.   Probably wants taller corners so again might be happier with later pick to find his Richard Sherman.  This would make M3 happy-  he could get a competent RT (if Bulaga is iffy coming back) or one of the top WR's at 14.

3). Mike Pettine - (WhoTFK candidate) as Packer Notes reminds  me from the Rex Ryan tree, wants fleet feet on the field so again Josh Jones could be prominent in his scheme-  I don't know enough about his recent work as he was in an advisory role for two years so who knows what he likes!  Definitely would be aggressive- but is it Slovick aggressive or Jimmy Johnson ??

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sschumer - Packer Fan HoF'r posted:

When Pettine's been a DC, his defenses have always been in the top 10.

Maybe in yards, points spell out something different and points are what really matters. Nobody freaks out about a defense giving up 500 yards but only 3 points. Maybe he is great and has had bad luck with teams heโ€™s been on...The Factory of Sadness ruins all coaches good and bad and the end of Rex Ryanโ€™s time in NY was a disaster beyond saving by even a brilliant Coordinator. Pettine has faced Rodgers once and allowed only 9 points (2010). Something to be said for that.

Pettins style is different for sure, complete 180 to Capers. Heโ€™s energetic, in your face, and calls defense from the field. Players may respond positively to him. Heโ€™s a Packer now that and has my 100% support.

Iโ€™ll always be bothered by the fact wade Phillips was unemployed in a stretch while dom wasnโ€™t... not that heโ€™d come here since in 2010 the packers were the coach killlers.

seems like a smart hire, an intelligent, motivational coach; leading a very young defense. Retaining joe Witt is key IMO. 

I hope they get after it, My gut feeling is in 1265, new GM tells old HC, the way it is... you have 12; do you want to be Shula, or Landry? 

WTF? What's the rush? Well Pettine must have kicked ass in his interview, or given MM the secret Pennsylvania handshake. If MM believes he's the guy then let's roll.

Moving quick means our new DC will get his pick of best available assistants, assess the roster, bust out of his silo and tell MM, Gute et al his wishlist for the draft and free agency. 

Wow, when was the last time we thought the Packers could be making a serious play in free agency? I don't even care if we get a shiny new overhyped/overpaid playmaker, how about a few assignment-sure, savvy vets to help the rooks get up to speed. YES, I love this off-season! 

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