For ****s sake, I don't think anyone is saying they are keen on being a runner up all the time.  I think we would all be happy about any strategy that netted us a Lombardi, but all thing being equal, some of us like the draft and develop strategy that puts us in the mix year after year over leaning on free agency to fill holes (from poorly drafting and developing).  

Again, how can you develop what you don't draft? Inside linebacker has been a parade of washout, late-round, marginal-talent, OLBs lining up next to AJ Hawk. Oh, wait, there was there was Seventh-Round Sam, and throw in D.J. Hobbit five years ago prior to 4th-round 42, . None of those guys were even red-chip NFL talent. 

That's quite different than going after a wideout in free agency when TT spends a second or a third on a pass catcher most years. 

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So who was drafted, that you think shouldn't have been drafted, that could be replaced by the right linebacker who was in the draft, drafted after that spot, without the benefit of hindsight?  

I keep hearing how Ted refused to draft "_________'s" replacement.  It's not like Ted skipped the draft that year.  He's filling lots of holes, some we haven't even seen spring a leak yet, with the most talented player he sees available.  

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El-Ka-Bong posted:

I keep hearing how Ted refused to draft "_________'s" replacement.  It's not like Ted skipped the draft that year.  He's filling lots of holes, some we haven't even seen spring a leak yet, with the most talented player he sees available.  

You're making my point. If there's flaming bags of dog crap at a position in the draft at that slot, then take the better prospect and grab a free agent to fill the glaring hole with someone who is decent, even if it's not a long-term answer. 

I decided to help The Bares out with addressing their most intensive need:


11: R1P11
41: R2P10
72: R3P9
103: R4P8
138: R5P11
167: R6P10
186: R6P29
189: R6P32
198: R7P9
El-Ka-Bong posted:

That assumes the free agents a) want to come, b) are worth the hassle, c) an upgrade over the drafted and developed folks.  

*d) exist

If they meet all the criteria, they are named Julius Peppers.  

So you're claiming the Factory of Sadness and the rebuilding Colts are more desirable destinations than a contending Green Bay team? 

Or are you saying Winston Moss sucks and is the problem even though he's been kept on staff and promoted for the last decade? Even so, who have they drafted at the position to even develop? Do you expect a seventh-round, marginal-talent rookie to turn in to a solid starter after a single training camp? 

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Don't understand why Thompson didn't sign these guys.

FoS 2015 FA signings 

CB Tramon Williams
WR Dwayne Bowe
WR Brian Hartline
DT Randy Starks
WR/ST Marlon Moore
RB/ST Shaun Draughn
P Spencer Lanning
QB Thaddeus Lewis


Colts 2015 FA signings

RB Frank Gore
WR Andre Johnson
DE Trent Cole
DE Kendall Langford
SS Mike Adams
CB Darius Butler
OT Todd Herremans
QB Matt Hasselbeck
G Joe Reitz

Herschel posted:

I still think it will be Shilique Calhoun, for some reason. He has size to set the edge, good pass rush skills and is reportedly a good locker room/leadership guy. He's a lot like Nick Perry, in my mind, though probably a bit more agile. Late first to early second seems to be where he'll land also. 

Calhoun is a tough call.  Combine makes or breaks him.  Sometimes he looks quick and fluid, other times he looks just like a guy.  Ted loves athletes on defense, and I think Calhoun falls into the category where Ted will want him to prove it in Indy.

I will tell you what I love about Calhoun: he's fundamentally sound against the run. He can stack up Tackles and TEs and keep his containment. He's strong and stout enough that he doesn't get bullied and he has long enough arms that he doesn't let blockers get inside him. A lot of unselfish play. He's shown flashes of real talent as a pass rusher, bending the edge, but if he doesn't win with speed then he doesn't win that battle...however he doesn't give up on plays and gets the majority of his sacks from effort plays. 

I think he'd be a solid choice in round 1, even with a so-so Combine. The tape is there with him. If he burns it up at the combine I could see him climb higher, but right now I say Late 1st is a good spot. If he showed more polish as a pass rusher he would be higher.

Pikes Peak posted:

The mothership has GB taking the tight end from Ark.....whatever that is worth

If he makes to #27 that would be my guess as well.  I think Ted would favor taking a pass-rusher first, but here the choice could come down between Spence and Henry and Ted would probably favor Henry in that scenario when factoring in Spence's off-the-field issues.

The flip side of that is that it will be much easier for Ted to find a decent pass-catching tight end candidate later in the draft.  Guys with good pass-rush upside, all those guys could very well be gone once it gets to the later portion of round two.