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As much as I wish that there were starting caliber DTโ€™s in this draft at the end of the first two rounds I donโ€™t read that there really are. Like many, I see that as a need. But there are some starting quality CBโ€™s available at 29. King and Jackson are probably in their last years as are many WRโ€™s. Then I also read that there are some quality offensive linemen available too.The team may be even tighter with the cap next year so I can see those positions targeted in the first two rounds. Perhaps Jenkins in the first and Stokes in the second.
Of course with Gutie who knows? Unlike TT, Gutie is more unpredictable.

My scorching hot take this week is that if Oregon Safety Jevon Holland had played in 2020, had the same success he had in 2019, he would have been a top 20 pick similarly to Minkah Fitzpatrick. Seems like a guy the league might value more than online draft folks, could be in play at 29 even though all of the online draft community has him pegged as a 50-70 kind of guy.

Thereโ€™s a rumor that Gute went to Oregonโ€™s pro day to see him specifically, heโ€™s under 22, RAS over 9, and he would be able to fill a role as the Star position covering FS, NB, a little SS, covering TEs, etc. Or he could play centerfield and let Savage play the Star. Or both Holland and Savage could play deep and let Amos play Dime LB. Either way he gives flexibility in the Staley coverage first scheme.

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FWIW from P King this morning in his only mock.

29. Green Bay Packersโ€”Jamin Davis, LB, Kentucky

Itโ€™s the annual Green Bay game of How can we avoid taking a receiver in the first round again? Kadarius Toney would seem logical here. But if Iโ€™m GM Brian Gutekunst, I might go best player on the board here, then receiver in the second round (Rondale Moore? Dyami Brown?) because, in my draft scenario, lots of the good wideouts are gone. Davis is perhaps the fastest-rising defensive player in the crop over the last three months. After starting only 11 games at Kentucky, NFL teams studying his tape found the rangy sideline-to-sideline playmaker theyโ€™re valuing in linebackers these days. โ€œVery instinctive for a guy who hasnโ€™t played much,โ€ one GM said. If the Packers zero in on linebackers, they may like Zaven Collins of Tulsa, but those I spoke to like Davis more.

@H5 posted:

R1, these are the choices, who do you take?

CB Greg Newsom

CB Eric Stokes

LB Jabril Cox

LB Zaven Collins

WR Kamara Chase

WR Rondale Moore

I like Collins, but the question is: "What does Joe Barry's defense look like?" Do they want a big guy like that in the middle? I would argue that he can double as a 3-4 rush linebacker, and that he is " scheme-versatile."

If Newsome is on the board here, and they're satisfied with his medicaIs, I think they go CB.

Personally, I would favor Collins over Newsome. Solve the linebacker issues, for once.

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@Henry posted:

Collins without thinking twice.

This is supposedly a deep draft for OL and CB.  I'd use Gunt's shot gun picks he loves so much to maneuver on the second day for OL and CB.

This. There are numerous corners this year but only one Collins and theyโ€™re looking more so for a RT.