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I agree with Floridarob.  If we did trade Love, are we taking one in the draft and then an UDFA? 

And I think GB should be getting the 15th pick AND THE 4TH ROUND pick for Love and the 29th pick.  The way it is worded it sounds as if GB gives the 4th round pick - at least it does to me.  I think that NE should toss in another pick or two as well - but that is just me. 

@Floridarob posted:

i would say there is some truth to that rumor if they would have kept Tim Boyle. Who is the back up going to be?

Not that I think this trade scenario is a real thing but Tim Boyle isn't a guy that you work very hard to keep around. There will be a dozen Tim Boyle's to pick from after the draft.

And if this scenario was a real thing, your backup plan for 2021 is probably some former starter or career backup. Hey they could bring back Brett Hundley. The most likely candidate would be someone like Nick Mullens.

That’s a 3rd round value on Love. Gute should be fired if that’s the ROI he gets for Love, unless there’s some kind of outstanding injury or legal issue we don’t know about that makes GB want to cut bait. Give me the 15th pick straight up for Love and we’re talking about good ROI.