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I watched the local NBC affiliate( KARE 11) out of the Twin Cities after the Packers won the game, on SNF. The anchor and the sports guy mostly ragged on the vikings, and Cousins, in particular. It is great to see Minnesota fans become "fair weather" fans after a loss, and especially so, after going 0-3! The anchor was saying how Cousins isn't the QB this team needs. No kidding! This was Cousins best game of the season and the vikings ended up losing 31-30 to the Titans. The calls for getting rid of Cousins are growing in Minnesota. They should have thought of that prior to giving him $90 trillion, in guaranteed money. Into irrelevancy go the queens. Cellar dwellers. A thing of beauty!

On another (non-football) forum I frequent, one of the posters is from Romania.  This morning he had the following to say:

So because I had a few buck online for betting on the nba I decided to put one bet on your American lesser rugby. Never watched a game, donโ€™t know anything, though I might get lucky. Multiple bet 7 games moneyline. Got 6 of 7. Stupid Vikings. So close.

Always bet on the Vikings to fail eventually.

@grignon posted:

The increasing calls to "Trade Cousins" are absurd. You need a partner in order to trade.  Who's going to take on a fully guaranteed, top tier contract for an under-performing game manger?

I think they really mean "Drop him off in a box at the fire station."

They literally can't do anything with him until 2022 unless they are going to cut a bunch of guys to cover the cap acceleration a trade would cause. They would have to absorb an extra 41 million this year to trade him or an extra 10 million next year (on top of the 31 million he's already owed) to move on. This is from

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I think they get between 6 and 9 wins. More likely 7 or 8 IMO.

Theyโ€™re arenโ€™t great, but they have some talent on the team. Kirk will have some good games, especially as pressure fades. They get to play DET and CHI each twice, and they arenโ€™t infinitely worse than either of them. They also play CAR, ATL, and JAC. Theyโ€™ll also probably steal a game or two.

Without minicamps, training camps and preseason games, I think it will take many teams a while to gel.  There are worse teams with worse talent than MIN.

That said, F โ€˜em!!,