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Floridarob posted:

This Burrow kid from LSU looks great. Is he going to be 1st qb taken? Tua from Alabama was supposed to be but he was hurt again today. Burrow throws a really nice ball and can run a bit. Kid reminds me of Rodgers with his accuracy.

Burrow, Tua and Herbert are projected to be really good I think.  Tua will fall a bit due to injury.  I think Fromm has a chance too.  There's a good crop of QB's coming out for sure. 

Funny right now the Niners and the Raiders are both on. 

The only real receiver for the 8-1 Niners?  Deebo Samuel, the rookie who the iron-clad pre-draft law last year was, he absolutely had to go in the second or 3rd round at the earliest.  That was it, that's where he was graded, and you had to stick with that or you're a glue-sniffing idiot.  Meanwhile, as a rookie, he's the only real receiver they have right now (Sanders injured).  Starting as a rookie.

Also meanwhile, for the Raiders, rookie Josh Jacobs is like their whole offense, and they got to pick him because the were picking in the 20's, and that's where he was slotted to go.  That was the law, and any GM who would have picked him earlier would have had his house firebombed.  And now he's tearing it up.

So it begins.  God help us, so it begins.  I really do love it.

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We need to address ILB, OL & DL depth, WR and QB depending on who is available at our picks in the 2020 draft. Gute's willingness to venture into FA will also impact our draft.  Will Gute and Co. keep Martinez? Will they trade him? Whatever Gute and Co. decides to do with Martinez, they will need to look at drafting an ILB in the first round, IMO. Right now, for QB, Tua looks like damaged goods.Why take a chance on him and blow a first round draft pick, if he might not  play for us, ever?


This is going to be a wr heavy draft.

Not sure about ILB. Probably need to move a guy but I hate when they try that at ILB. Those guys need feel that comes with experience. 

GB needs lots of positions. Another really good DL or CB could transform that side.

A bell cow type back who can tote it 20x a game would be great.

And speed, speed, speed especially if it comes with size.

Bigger and faster and smarter helps too.


Bummer about Tua.  Good news though - while it sounds like the initial injury was similar to Bo Jackson's, there was a huge difference in identifying the injury and treating it.  I read that Bo's hip popped back in pretty quick so it wasn't known what the real damage was, while Tua was rushed to a hospital immediately.  Hopefully it works out, hate seeing a guy injured like that before he can cash in.  

Sounds like the 2020 WR draft class is reminiscent of the 2017 RB draft class (Fournette, McCaffrey, Cook, Kamara, Mixon, Mack, Hunt, Jones, Conner, Cohen).  So much depth, especially at the top.  That alone makes me want them to focus on WR, since it's a huge need and a good one will definitely get pushed down to the bottom of the first.  If not, just draft OL (preferably OT, even if Bulaga is back).  Rodgers will only get less mobile so gotta keep him upright.