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Bobby Brown is a really unique player and I think he is really underrated by Internet draft folks. I see the kind of size and length you want from a 5T, the size and strength you want from a 1T, and the quickness and agility you want to see from a 3T. In that way he seems like he could offer a lot of scheme versatility. I think because of his size and strength he was needed at NT, but I would be curious see him lose a little weight and kick around from 3T-5T. Pro day results:

Gutekunst seems to like young, traits guys and I also wonder about getting a "gadget" guy like Ervin, only better. These are some guys I find intriguing, in no particular order (and not all young or exceptional measurables):

Kenneth Gainwell - RB Memphis - Redshirt Sophomore: I really like him as a gadget guy. I don't think the comparisons to Antonio Gibson are fair even though they're both fast and have lined up in the slot a lot.  Gainwell doesn't have Gibson's size, he's 5'11" and got up to 201# for his Pro Day.  He's only really played one season of college football (he opted out of 2020 after losing FOUR family members to COVID-19) but he seems to have good vision and can move, with a listed 40 of 4.42.

Javian Hawkins - RB Louisville: He's short and his listed 5'9" and 196# came up 5'8" and 183#, though he did have a 4.44 40, at least. He has  speed and quickness as well as being elusive, sounding not dissimilar to Aaron Jones, except he doesn't seem to have good vision and doesn't seem to have good ball security. I say "meh" but then I look at the three receivers Gutekunst took and think "maybe".

Elijah Moore - WR Ole Miss - Junior: Actually measure slightly taller than listed at 5'9.5" and 178#. He's small, kind of pointless as a blocker and not much of a route runner but a 4.32 40 and 6.65 three cone as well as return skills are all great traits. Would Gutekunst go outside his norm?

Amari Rodgers - WR Clemson - Senior: He came in almost exactly at his listed height/weight, he didn't run as well as I think many thought he would at his pro day, not getting under 4.51 and a mediocre lateral time at 7.12. He's built thicker than the other guys and probably offers more as a blocker and he'll probably slide to Day 3.

D'Wayne Eskridge - WR Western Michigan : Kind of the anti-Sam Shields, he split time between corner and receiver, then got injured, though he did get an extra year of eligibility. It's interesting that some were supposedly a bit disappointed he ran "only" a 4.38 40 and 6.95 three cone. I'm guessing worst case he still doesn't make it to past Round 4, maybe not even to Day 3.

Demetric Felton - ?? UCLA - Senior: He kind of falls in to that "football player" bucket. His measurables weren't good: 5'8.5" 189# with a 4.53 40 and 7.32 three-cone, but he looked like a matchup nightmare as a gadget guy in games and at the Senior Bowl. I like him, and he'll probably slide well in to Day 3 with those numbers. 

Marlon Williams - WR Central Florida: He's not really like the rest of these guys, but he seems like the kind of guy Gutekunst would like (or maybe it's just that I like him). He measured a little over 5'11" and 209# today and a really mediocre 4.59 40. Guy reminds me of a tougher Cooper Cupp. I think he's a scrapper with good hands and has a little of that Cupp/Jordy Nelson thing where they play faster than they look. He wouldn't be a jet sweep guy, but a screen and short yardage machine.

Michael Rodney has an intelligent view that Love will draw a lot of interest next year if he has a strong preseason because next years college QB crop is weak and if Rodgers has another strong year Pack may be willing to move Jordan