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So I'm not usually a fan of paying top dollar for a RB but I expect Jones to be great for at least 2 more years.  Unlike Zeke, Bell, Gurley, etc., Jones hasnt had the 350+ touches per year for 2-3 years prior to the deal, and likely wont have those touches going forward.  Ideally, he gets 250-275 and Dillon gets 150-175.  Of course, will he be worth $12m per year when he's only getting 250 touches a year?  I think he can but we'll see. 

@CoPackFan posted:

From Tom Pelissero:

#Packers RB Aaron Jones' four-year, $48 million deal includes $20M over first two years -- a little over the cost of two franchise tags. A $7 million roster bonus is due on 3rd day of 2023 league year. So, that'll be decision time. He's due $16M in 2023 and $12M in 2024.

Thatโ€™s a great contract. Counts 4.3 million against the cap this year. Nice work by Gute.

Thoughts and prayers to his family..

Alvin Jones Sr., the father of Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones, died at age 57, according to a post on Aaron Jones' Instagram account.

The cause of death was not announced.

"Heart torn into a million pieces Iโ€™m so proud of you I love You Dad I promise Iโ€™ll always protect and take care of our Queen and the rest Family youโ€™ve raise me and have been preparing vino and I for 26 years !," wrote Aaron Jones, the Green Bay Packers' starting tailback.

He added, "Canโ€™t even imagine game days without you by my side havenโ€™t missed a game in 9 years and it scares me to think about it but I know you have the best seat in the stadium and youโ€™re forever engraved in me and Iโ€™ll carry our Name high and be great like youโ€™ve pushed me all my life! I could write a book and go on and on but Now itโ€™s time to Be a Man and Hold it down I got you Poppa."