Elway tried moving Sanders last off-season. Cost was silly. Nothing is happening with Sanders until after week 8 when Denver is on the hook for half of Sanders cap hit. After last night Sanders might take to social media that heโ€™s willing to pay the other half of his cap personally to get away from Flaccoโ€™s interest in not giving a shit. 

Bengals coach Zac Taylor has been the only voice out of Cincy that A.J. is not going to be traded. Which shouldnโ€™t carry a lot of weight considering Zac is going to be fired after this year and Andy Dalton stinks. 

Jax said they werenโ€™t trading Ramsey until LA gave up a few drafts. Everything is negotiable. Needs and wants. GB needs a WR. What do they want to give away for one?


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The real downside of the whole thing is I don't see anyone in the AFC left to challenge the Patriots. Unless Brady gets injured and then even with that improved D, I think they're in the Super Bowl.

Lots of season left.  Some team will get hot.  We'll see if Brady's stamina is up for another late season run.  Sooner or later it won't be.  It's a matter of time.

There is discreet mail order for that.