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Should the Washington Redskins get rid of their name?

Have heard some interesting dialogue on this recently after Goodell defended the name. I will admit that I thought 100% they should change it until I heard a Native American's email to Dan Barreiro (a radio program up here). Basically he compared it to "Yankees" which was once a derogatory term used by the British against American soldiers back in the Revolutionary War days and now isn't considered demeaning at all. I will also mention there were just as many or more emails, calls, etc. from Native Americans wanting the name gone. Where do we stand?

(Note: If this is too political, remove. There has been several threads that have evolved into political discussion lately so I thought this would fly. Plus it is NFL-related.
Yes! I believe it 100% racist and insulting to Native Americans.
Yes, but I can understand the "Yankee" point-of-view."
No! The name is a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect." - Roger Goodell
No, too much tradition behind the name to remove but I do understand why some think it is racist.
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