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Welcome to another edition of Fedya's “Movies to Tivo” Thread, for the week of February 19-25, 2018. The days are getting longer, but there's still a good amount of winter left, so why not stay inside and enjoy some good movies? Once again I've used my good taste to select a bunch of movies that I know you'll all find insteresting. There's the Oscar-nominated stuff on TCM, and other stuff on the other channels too. As always, all times are in Eastern, unless otherwise mentioned.


We'll start off this week with an all-star movie: The VIPs, on TCM at 10:00 PM Monday. The title refers to the VIP lounge at Heathrow Airport, and the passengers who get stuck there one night as the airport gets fogged in and the transatlantic flight they were supposed to board cannot take off. Of course, all of the passengers have backstories, without which we wouldn't have a movie…. Frances (Liz Taylor) is married to Paul (Richard Burton), but she's leaving him to go off with playboy Marc (Louis Jourdan) and has even left Paul a letter that he was only going to get after the plane was scheduled to take off. Les is an Australian businessman (played by Aussie-born Rod Taylor who actually gets to play an Aussie for once) needs to get to New York because people are trying to take over his company and he has to get there for the board meeting and needs £150,000 to cover a check. His secretary Miss Mead (Maggie Smith) is in love with him, but he doesn't realize it. The Duchess (Margaret Rutherford, who won an Oscar for this) is going to Florida to take a job there so she can put her estate in the UK on display for tourists and make the money to pay the upkeep, and movie producer Max (Orson Welles) needs to get out of Britain because of tax rules and how many days in a year he can spend in the country. Of course, the four plots intertwine what with everybody stuck together, and then with Paul finding the letter Frances left for him.


I'm not quite certain I'd consider it a western, but StarzEncore Westerns is running The Shepherd of the Hills, at 4:36 AM Monday. John Wayne plays Matt Matthews, a moonshiner in the Ozarks. Matt lives with his aunt Mollie (Beulah Bondi) and uncle Matt (James Barton), because his father abandoned the family as a young man. For that, Matt has always hated the father he doesn't remember and vows that if he ever were to meet his father, he'd kill the man. And as a result of that hatred, there's a lot of other hatred going around the family. There's mute dimwit Pete, and blind Granny Becky (Marjorie Main) who, in true Hollywood fashion, can see more than all the sighted people. Anyhow, into all of this comes the mysterious stranger Dan (Harry Carey), who begins to have a positive change on all of the people in the area, except that it turns out he's got a secret of his own that you can probably figure out a mile away. This is based on a popular novel from the beginning of the last century, and there's even a homestead/theater putting on a version every summer in Branson, MO.


It's been a long time since I've recommended Come and Get It. You can catch it at 6:00 AM on Tuesday. One of the not many Hollywood movies set in Wisconsin, this one stars Edward Arnold as Barney Glasgow, a forestry man who eventually becomes one of the richest men in Wisconsin, marrying for status, while the true love of his life, saloon girl Lotta (Frances Farmer) marries Barney's best friend Swan (Walter Brennan). Fast forward 20-some years. Barney has an adult son in Richard (Joel McCrea) who has radically different business ideas from Dad and a daughter with a boyfriend who also has business ideas for the paper industry. But Barney meets Swan again. By now Lotta has died, but she and Swan had a daughter, also named Lotta who looks amazingly like her mom, which shouldn't be surprising since young Lotta is also played by Farmer. Barney falls in love with young Lotta, and all sorts of complications ensue.


It's been a while since The Mudlark has been on FXM Retro, but it's on again this week, at 10:00 AM Tuesday. Set in Victorian England, the movie tells the story of a “mudlark”, one of the young orphans who scavenges a living quite literally, by going through junk in the tidal flats along the Thames. Wheeler (Andrew May) is the titular mudlark, who in his scavenging finds a small engraving of Queen Victoria which he considers beautiful. When he's told that Victoria is the “mother of all England”, Wheeler sets off to find her. Of course, this means getting past Buckingham Palace security led by Mr. Brown (Finlay Currie), and there would be scandal if Wheeler's breaking in ever became public. However, Victoria (Irene Dunne) has been out of the public eye for a dozen years following the death of Prince Albert, and Prime Minister Disraeli (Alec Guinness) sees this human interest story as a perfect opportunity to get Victoria back into public.


I've probably recommended Min and Bill too often, but it's such a good movie that I can't help but recommend it again. It's on TCM at 7:45 AM Wednesday. Min (played by Marie Dressler, who got a well-deserved Oscar for her performance) runs a rooming house down at the harbor where she caters to all the fishermen and other types who spend a lot of time out to see. Bill (Wallace Beery) would say Min, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you'd be, but instead the two just have a love-hate relationship. Min, meanwhile, has been foster mother to young Nancy (Dorothy Jordan), ever since Nancy's floozy of a mother walked out on Nancy to go to greener pastures leaving Min to take care of the child. Eventually Min lets the local school superintendent have guardianship, resulting in Nancy going to a good school and getting a boyfriend. Nancy returns to tell Min of her engagement, but by this time Nancy's real mother Bella (Marjorie Rambeau) has returned. Min desperately wants Bella not to spoil Nancy's happiness, and just knows that if Bella finds out about Nancy's wedding that's what's going to happen. Tragedy ensues.


There was a time when Sean Penn was Mr. Madonna. Heck, there was a time before Sean Penn was Mr. Madonna, when he made movies like Bad Boys, which StarzEncore Classics is running at 3:30 AM Thursday. Penn plays Mick, a teenaged delinquent who's constantly getting into all sorts of trouble with the law. This time he's gone too far, stealing a car during a robbery and accidentally hitting and killing a kid. However, since he's still too young to be tried as an adult, he's sent to reform school. The problem is, the kid's older brother Paco (Esai Morales) and Mick have already had their issues, with the incident that killed Paco's kid brother being in part because of Paco's treatment of Mick's girlfriend J.C. (Ally Sheedy). Of course, with a dead brother, Paco is now steaming mad, and he takes out his anger on Mick by raping J.C.! This gets Paco sent to reform school too, and as you can guess he gets sent to the same one Mick is already in. The state doesn't care what happens to any of these people.


Let's put on a show! This became a popular plot of Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movies, starting with Babes in Arms, which will be on TCM at 6:15 PM Thursday. Mickey and Judy play Mickey Moran and Patsy Barton, children of retired vaudevilleans now living out on Long Island. Mickey is growing into a talented songwriter, using singer Patsy to put over “Good Morning” on a publisher. However, his parents are finding it hard to get work, and are going to have to go back on the road with the other old vaudevilleans in an attempt to earn enough money to save their homes. Worse, local busybody Martha Steele (Margaret Hamilton) wants to evict the performers and make the kids wards of the state! Mickey and Judy get the idea of taking all the kids and making them the stars, putting on a big show. Problems ensue, however, when talented Rosalie (June Preisser) shows up and expects to be the star. If you like Mickey and Judy, you'll like this. There's a bizarre blackface number, and a hilarious scene that has Mickey and Judy playing Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.


I'm not certain if I've recommended the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers before. You'll be able to catch it at 1:22 PM Friday on StarzEncore Suspense. This time, the action is moved from a small California town to San Francisco. Donald Sutherland plays Matt Bennell, an employee of the Public Health Service who hears a complaint from his friend Elizabeth (Brooke Adams) that her husband is acting strangely. Things like this happen, except that Matt starts hearing from other acquaintances that their loved ones are acting strangely, and in the same strange way. Things become more alarming when another couple (Jeff Goldblum and Veronica Cartwright) find an inchoate corpse. They figure, apparently having seen the 1956 movie, that some alien force is taking over humans and replacing them with emotionless doppelgängers. Can Matt stop the aliens in time? And will he be able to figure out whom to trust and who has already been replaced? Leonard Nimoy plays a psychiatrist. Star of the 1956 version Kevin McCarthy has a cameo, as does Don Siegel (playing a taxi driver), director of the original.


Hollywood has been doing remakes since the earliest days. Some of the remakes are true classics, such as the 1941 version of The Maltese Falcon, which TCM is showing at 10:00 AM Sunday. Humphrey Bogart plays San Francisco private eye Sam Spade, who is approached by the mysterious Miss Wonderly (Mary Astor), who claims her brother is in danger. Apparently, it's Spade and his partner Archer who are in danger, as Archer gets bumped off, and Spade learns that “Miss Wonderly” is actually Brigid O'Shaughnessy. Other strange characters visit having learned about Brigid's presence, and Spade finds out that all of them are looking for the Maltese Falcon, a legendary bejeweled statuette which is alleged to be coming to San Francisco aboard one of the cargo ships from Asia. And everybody is out to get that statue for themselves, even if it has to mean killing people. Of course, the police don't take kindly to murder. Sydney Greenstreet plays Kasper Gutman; Peter Lorre the obviously gay even if they couldn't say it Joel Cairo; and Elisha Cook plays Gutman's gunsel (originally not a term for gunman) Wilmer Cook.

Making Sarge a Low Carb oysters Rockefeller with pork rinds replacing bread crumbs.  She will likely be hotter than normal as I picked up a fresh box of Franzia Crisp White sell by May 28, 2018.


How many of you guys wear a necklace today?

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Welcome to another edition of Fedya's “Movies to Tivo” thread, for the week of February 12-18, 2018. TCM's 31 Days of Oscar continues, with some really interesting Oscar-nominated movies; there's some good stuff on other channels too. And we've got a couple of other observances this week that deserve mention. As always, all times are in Eastern, unless otherwise mentioned.


Our first selection this week is the 1931 version of The Front Page at 10:00 AM Monday on TCM. This one should sound familiar to you. Hildy Johnson (Pat O'Brien) is a Chicago newspaper man planning to marry Peggy (Mary Brian) and take a job in advertising in New York. However, Hildy's editor Walter Burns (Adolphe Menjou) wants Hildy to cover one last story: the execution of killer Earl Williams (George Stone). Burns has no intention of losing his star reporter, so he plans on keeping Hildy covering the story as long as possible. Things heat up when Williams escapes, and Hildy finds him and hides him from the police. Keeping on the story begins to make it clear to Hildy and Walter that Earl might have been framed for the benefit of bigwigs in high political places. This is the first movie version of the story which would be remade in the 70s by Billy Wilder, but more famously in 1940 by switching the gender roles, making Hildy a woman, and titling it His Girl Friday. This version and His Girl Friday are both excellent in their own way.


Apparently I haven't recommended Top Gun before. It's going to be on StarzEncore Westerns at 9:44 PM Monday. Why, you may ask, is Top Gun on a Westerns channel? Well, this isn't the movie you're thinking of. No beach volleyball here; this is a 1955 western starring Sterling Hayden. Hayden plays Rick Martin, a gunfighter who is not into superstition, black cats or voodoo dolls. Instead, he's returning to his hometown after having spent some time in prison, hoping to find out what really happened to his mother. Unsurprisingly, the townsfolk know of Martin's past and don't want him around. There's been quite a bit of violence afoot, and a lot of people think that Martin is behind it. But as he investigates he learns that there's a gang led from afar by landowner Canby Judd (William Bishop) that's responsible, and that they might even have killed Rick's own mother! And the rest of the gang is going to come back to town. Canby is trying to get rid of Rick and steal Rick's girlfriend Laura (Karin Booth). Watch for a very young Rod Taylor in a small role as Lem.


There were a few silent films nominated for Oscars in the first two years the awards were given out. One such movie is The Divine Lady, which will be on TCM at 4:00 AM Tuesday. The lady in question is Lady Hamilton, wife of Lord Hamilton and lover of Admiral Nelson in early 19th century Britain. Before becoming a lady, though, she's young Emma (Corinne Griffith) daughter of a cook (Marie Dressler) working for a wealthy man Grenville (Ian Keith). Grenville eventually decides to use Emma in a plot to get Lord Hamilton's (played by H.B. Warner) wealth: Hamilton is his uncle and Hamilton would never marry Emma, so Hamilton will die with no heirs and Grenville will inherit the money! Of course, Hamilton does marry Emma. And then Admiral Nelson (Victor Varconi) falls in love with now Lady Hamilton. Nelson goes off to fight Napoleon's navy the first time, is a big success, and wants to settle down with Lady Hamilton. Except that Napoleon decides to attack again…. Of course, you know all this from having watched That Hamilton Woman which I've recommended a couple of times.


With Mardi Gras and Rio's Carnival ending on Tuesday, what better way to wind down than to watch Black Orpheus, at 2:15 AM Wednesday on TCM. Orfeo (Breno Mello) is a streetcar driver in Rio by day, and a musician by night who is going to be performing in the energetic Carnival. Every Orpheus needs his Eurydice if you know the legend, and sure enough Eurydice (Marpessa Dawn) shows up, this one a woman from the country visiting her cousin Serafina in order to get away from a man who has been pursuing her back home. Eurydice is convinced that this man is going to kill her. Serafina is getting ready for Carnival with an elaborate costume, and Eurydice joins in. Orfeo meets her and falls in love with her, never mind that he's already got a fiancée. If you know the Orpheus legend, you'll know that Death comes for Eurydice; Orpheus descends into the underworld to see Eurydice one last time, and is told he can after both leave the underworld – if only he doesn't look back first. Orfeo leaves and looks back, and, well, you know the rest. An absolutely gorgeous movie to watch.


Thank you for being a friend and watching the next movie, Golden Girl, at 6:00 AM Wednesday on FXM Retro. Based on a true story, this one purports to tell the story of Lotta Crabtree, played here by Mitzi Gaynor. Lotta was born in New York, but her father got caught up in the California Gold Rush and moved the family out there to look for gold. That didn't work so Dad (Lola's parents are played by James Barton and Una Merkel) started a hotel and made his daughter part of the entertainment. She'd eventually come to the attention of one Matt Taylor (Dennis Day) who falls in love with her, as does another man, Tom Richmond (Dale Robertson). Lotta begins to tour, and then the Civil War comes, splitting everybody up until the finale. Fox's musicals were never as ambitious as those at MGM, especially by the early 1950s. This one is also filled with the usual inaccuracies, most notable implying that Lotta started performing at 16; in reality she started at age 6! Mitzi Gaynor is talented, though, and enjoyable enough to watch.


TCM has been having more luck getting movies from Fox to show, such as the 1953 version of Titanic, which will be on at noon Thursday. Barbara Stanwyck plays Julia Sturges, an American who is trapped in a loveless marriage in England circa 1912. So she's decided to divorce her husband Richard (Clifton Webb) and book passage back to America with her and the two kids, daughter Annette (Audrey Dalton) and son Norman. Dad decides he's not going to give up on the marriage so easily, and also books passage aboard the ship to try to reconcile with Mom. Unfortunately for all involved, the ship they booked passage on is the RMS Titanic which, as you all know rather impudently hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage and sank forthwith, killing some 1500 people. Who survives? Annette has made a boyfriend on board (Robert Wagner); there's a Molly Brown type (Thelma Ritter), and Richard Basehart basically doing Gene Hackman 20 years before The Poseidon Adventure. At least this one doesn't have that horrendous Celine Dion song.


Also crossing the Atlantic on Thursday is Eddie Murphy in Coming to America, which will be on Starz Comedy at 9:55 PM Thursday. Murphy plays Akeem, the Prince of Zamunda. He's just turned 21 and his parents (James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair) have arranged a royal wedding for him. The problem is, Akeem hasn't seen his bride-to-be, and he knows that anybody in the kingdom is only going to worship him because he's royalty. He wants a wife who will respect him for his personality, not for being of royal birth. So what's the best way to find a future queen? Akeem and his companion Semmi (Arsenio Hall) decide that the most logical place to look for a queen is… Queens, NY. They set off, trying to pass themselves off as common immigrants looking for jobs, and the fish out of water theme presents all sorts of opportunities for comic relief. But Akeem also does find a love interest in the daughter (Shari Headley) of the owner of the restaurant where Akeem gets a job.


I mentioned Manhattan Melodrama briefly a couple months back because it features the tune that would eventually become “Blue Moon”. Anyhow, the movie is on TCM this week, at 6:00 AM Friday. Blackie (Mickey Rooney) and Jim (Jimmy Butler) are young friends in early 20th century NYC who survive a boat disaster and eventually go their separate ways as they grow up. Fast forward to the 20s, and Blackie (Clark Gable) is a bootlegger, while Jim (William Powell) is a crusading lawyer working for the district attorney trying to bring the gangsters down. However, every time the two men meet they're still reminded of that old friendship that's never really gone away. Not even a woman can screw up that friendship, as Blackie's girlfriend Eleanor (Myrna Loy) leaves him to marry Jim! Jim decides to run for governor, and if that friendship with Blackie is a problem, well, Blackie can just take it on himself to get some meddling people out of the way. It might be a problem for Jim if he finds out, however….


Valentine's Day is this week. Those of us with a more cynical bent may prefer to watch My Bloody Valentine, which will be on StarzEncore Classics at 12:39 AM Saturday. Twenty years before the action in the movie, a small mining town in Nova Scotia held a Valentine's Day party, with some of the folks supposed to provide security for the mine being at the party instead. There was a mining disaster killing everybody in the mine but one, Harry Warden. Harry was mentally scarred and decided to gain revenge by killing the people he thought responsible; for this he was put in a mental institution and the town decided it wasn't going to hold another Valentine's Day party. Fast forward twenty years, and the town's young folk have decided that now is the time to start having a Valentine's Day party again. But what they don't know is that Harry has escaped from the institution, and this coincides with the killings of people celebrating Valentine's Day….


When you think of comic actresses, you probably don't think of Ingrid Bergman. But she did some comedies in Sweden before coming to Hollywood, and in Hollywood showed her comic chops with an excellent turn in Cactus Flower, which will be on TCM at 1:00 PM Saturday. Walter Matthau plays Dr. Julian Winston, a New York dentist who has a series of young girlfriends whom he eventually dumps by telling them that he's married. His current girlfriend Toni (Goldie Hawn) can't take that, so her first thought is to try to commit suicide, although she's saved by her neighbor in the apartment across the way Igor (Rick Lenz). With a renewed desire to live, Toni decides she wants to meet Mrs. Winston. Except that there really is no Mrs. Winston. Poor Dr. Julian has to enlist his dentist's assistant/secretary Stephanie (that's Bergman) into playing the part of his wife. Along the way, we find that Stephanie really loves Julian, and that Igor is probably the right man for Toni. But will the characters figure all that out in time? Goldie Hawn earned the Oscar, but it's Bergman who's really marvelous in this one.

Hidden in all the all the post game stories about how smart Doug Pederson is and how brilliant all the FA moves were- I think it would be more instructive to look at how the Eagles were really built.

  First although the blatherer's  are correct those FA signings' and trades helped and selling tomorrow for today also was important, a couple of  things stand out.  The trade for Wentz w\o Carson there is no SB.  The Queens are a different team at home and would have beaten Phila  at home!!  This is a move GB does not need to replicate we have the "Alien" and just need a competent backup.

 Second- Phila was built on the foundation of the offensive and defensive lines.  They have studs on both of those groups who were high draft picks that worked out.  Again GB does not need the #4 and #9 picks to anchor our lines they have 69 and 76  which arrived in Rd 4.  This lesson is not to be lost however, because if a quality CB or pass rusher is not there at 14- GB would be remiss to pass on  a defensive stud (Vita V'ea) or Orlando Brown Jr if they are the highest rated players on the board.   So while I am all in on CB's or pass rushers if Gut trusts his board and Bryan Bulaga II is available then run to the podium and get him.  The Phila receiving corps is not much, Jefferies is a great jump ball receiver who can't run Agholor is OK but nothing special Zac Ertz is a stud and if he wanted to move to Wisconsin I would pick him up at he airport. Tthere at no stud TE's  rolling out of the draft so sign a FA and fix the line so Rodger's can do his magic!!

Just a great behind the scenes story of Bill Parcells and Bill Bellicheck, all the drama, the highs and lows and the funny Bob Kraft tidbit that if he had not been able to hire BB for coach of the Patriots his second choice was none other than Dom Capers. Amazing how well BB did in Cleveland considering its long dark history as the Factory of Sadness.