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Cavs have cut a 17 point lead to 6. Middleton and Brogdon both out. Giannis with 4 fouls with 7:33 left. Giannis with 34-11-7 and not much to go with him. 

Because it's football

Because one of Goldie's new boyfriends is playing

Because the outcome of the game doesn't affect the Packers' slim playoff chances

Because Rivers has already thrown an INT.

Savannah State ( 3-8) visits #16 Wisconsin (8-2) tonight.  Game can be watched on B1G Network at 7:00  CST.   Badgers are coming off an overtime loss to Marquette.  Badgers are a 36 point favorite.   Savannah Sate gave up 139 to SDAKST in their last game, 90 in the 1st half. 

Giannis back, but a weak team showing tonight in Indy. Giannis has only taken 6 shots now in the middle of the 4th quarter. He's got 5 fouls in 29 minutes. He's on a low scoring triple double pace 10-9-7 right now.

Middleton is killing them right now. He's now 29 for his last 93 shots and 14 for 46 from 3 in that stretch. Tonight, he's 4 for 15 and 0 for 5.

Free tour of NASA in Houston. 

I love the line in one article that said - We were in a heated space race to be first. 

Additionally, "the Apollo missions were independently tracked by England and Russia (our allies and enemies), both of whom sent letters of congratulations after the Moon landings," NASA said. "In the midst of a heated space race, the Russians would have called our bluff if the landings had not actually happened."

For more, watch Adam ruins everything.

Queens at Hags

Refs getting involved early with a ticky-tack "grabbing the helmet opening" penalty on Seattle on 3rd and 11 for the Queens.