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Bucks at Celtics

Bucks can’t shoot (again) but they’re getting the ball in the paint. Brogdon starting to be a Celtic killer. Giannis is usual spectacular self, but if this team could make an open 3 (they e had 6 wide open looks) this game’s a blowout. 

Up 3 with 2 min to go...

I started watching football in 1978 or 1979, when I'd have been 7 or 8 years old. I've watched a lot of great QBs. The Packers have always been my team, but growing up in Wisconsin, at a time when the Packers sucked, I followed other teams, too. I was a big fan of Roger Staubach's. Loved watching Dan Marino and Dan Fouts, and in the early 80s, I became a big time fan of Joe Montana. 

I've watched enough football to last two lifetimes. I've seen so many of the greats. The game has changed-rules have made it easier for the quarterback now. They get all kinds of rules to protect them. Receivers, too. Imagine, for a second, if Dan Marino played now, with all these rules making passing the football easier than it's ever been before. He might throw 60 TD passes in a season.

But one thing has never changed. A great quarterback would be great in any era. They have the smarts, and can make all the throws. So, when I hear or read people dissing Aaron Rodgers as "overrated", I have to laugh, shaking my head. Ignorance, or jealousy, is coloring their opinion. And, I like to link this pass play. It is, in my opinion, the best throw I've ever seen. 

3rd and 10 at the Packers 25 yard line. 5:59 left in Super Bowl XLV, and the Packers cling to a 3 point lead, 28-25 over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers finished the season with the #1 defense in the NFL, and the Packers, who were up 21-3 at one point, have lost the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year Charles Woodson, and the Packers' all-time leading receiver, Donald Driver. 

The pressure in the moment had to be absolutely overwhelming. Millions of Packer fans around the world...sitting on the edge of their seats, or on their knees, praying that Saint Vince would deliver a little bit of magic for the green and gold. 

No praying was needed, though. Because Aaron Rodgers was under center. 

Then, he did this:

Rodgers hit Greg Jennings for a 31 yard strike to the middle of the field with an absolutely perfect pass. Jennings knows the degree of difficulty.

"Oh my God!!!"

If the pass is even an inch in any other direction, Ike Taylor knocks the ball away, intercepts it, or Jennings doesn't catch it in stride. It bounces harmlessly off of Taylor's fingertips into Jennings' hands. 

Seven years later, we've come to expect this from Aaron Rodgers. He makes the impossible throws, tosses that fit into the tiniest of spaces, the way Brett Favre did. But, he has the sense not to force the ball the way #4 did. 

I've seen some amazing tosses in my life. But this will be at the top of my list for a long time. Given the pressure of the moment, what a conversion would mean for the game, and the franchise, and the ball that Rodgers delivered--it simply cannot be any better than that.

So, guys, what's the best pass you've ever seen? 

OK, I've documented in another thread my incredible bad luck in that both of my trips to Lambeau are now the week after A-Rod breaks his collarbones.  But....I'll be there on Sunday with two of my kids, in Section 108.  Just curious to see who else might be attending?  And, where's the best tailgating experience for those coming in from out of town?  


...mods, putting this in the Packer Forum, because......Satori was a pretty damn good Packer fan.

Is he dead?

Did he move to Canada in protest?

Can he play cornerback?

Writers cramp?

Were those charges ever dropped?

Any theories?

On to the Saints ?


Salty Monday-McCarthy.

"We are ready and fired up to go get them Saints."

"We're not going to play like that no more."

"Did you just listen to that question I just answered? I've got 3 years invested in Brett Hundley, 2 years invested in Joe Callahan. The quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be. We are fortunate to have a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, we're committed to the path that we're on. We need to play better as a football team. Brett Hundley will be starting this week and Joe Callahan will be the back-up."

Need King and House to return.

If any combination of Bakh, BB, or Taylor are out Sunday, McCarthy needs to use 3 TE and RTFB to relax the pass rush and give Hundley time to read the defense.

I still believe...

...this can be a magical season.  Allow me to put on my green & gold glasses for a moment and make a prediction.

Over the next 48 hours it will be confirmed that Rodgers has a chance of returning by week 16 or 17.  Over the next 8-9 games, Hundley will prove that he belongs in this league.  Our injury situation will improve at other positions improves, and the Packers will play around .500 ball (give or take a game) with Hundley under center (BTW, that success will significantly improve his value and result in the Packers getting a good draft pick for Hundley next off-season).  Rodgers will indeed return by week 16 and help the Packers secure a playoff spot by beating the Vikings and Lions.  The Packers will go on to win the Super Bowl on the very field where it appeared that their season effectively ended just months earlier.   

So let it be written, so let it be done.

U-17 WC

USA currently leading Paraguay 3-0 in the 69th minute, looking good for their advancement to the quarterfinals.

Some people claim the U-23, U-20 and U-17 stuff doesn't matter since the best players for real soccer powers are up with the senior squads, however, I think it speaks volumes when your squad is absent from these  competitions (like the US and the Olympics).

May be fairly meaningless, but given the low point in USMNT history we saw last week, any bright spot is welcome.