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We will 2 threads so if Blair needs his fix, he can do that one.

And, of course they did:

This might be the worst missed foul call I've ever seen. A top 3 player of all-time gets hit on the elbow/forearm in clear sight on the final shot of regulation. No call.

After calling a cheap and-one on the other end to allow the Celtics to tie.

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 11.08.50 PM

I'm not a LeBron fan at all, but how can you not call this? He knocked the ball out of LeBron's hands.

If you bought tickets to see Jokic's only game in Milwaukee you are out of luck. He's sitting along with 3 other Nuggets starters in the second game of a back to back.

Bucks up 12-7 early despite Giannis having 4 turnovers in 4 minutes (although he did get fouled on two of them without getting a call)

The game starts at 6:00pm CST, on the Big Ten Network. Wisconsin is 12-6, 4-4, while the Terps are 12-7, 3-5. Hopefully Bucky's shooting is better, tonight, especially on the FT line, than it was at NW.  BTN announcers are looking for Hepburn to lead the Badgers, tonight. Sounds good, to me.