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...because it's Thursday Night 7-19 football.

...because the Holiday Inn Inn Express Port Richey FL has color t.v.'s and air conditioning!

...who the Hell am I kidding? I'd rather watch Rachel Madow in a cage match vs.Tucker Carlson.

HBO's Lombardi doc

I have been subscribing to HBO for about four years. Before switching my provider from FIOS (damned Verizon sold to Frontier Communication, and everything went to crap) to DirectTV, I had it in glorious 1080P, saved on my DVR. But there was no way to make a copy from it to a blu-ray disc. 

Anybody know where I can get a copy of this in high def? ESPN has replayed basically the same thing as "A Football Life: Vince Lombardi"; I believe HBO and NFL Films partnered for the doc. It's out there, but it's pretty bad quality. If HBO or NFL Films ever sold the danged thing, I'd pay for it. But they don't. Of course, the NFL licensed out to a company that felt the Packers 2010 season highlight disc didn't need a release on blu-ray, either, though all the other post season editions for the three seasons before, and every one since, have been. 

If any of you guys have a lead on where I could get one-even 720P is fine-I'd appreciate it. I watched this thing constantly, and now I'm really missing it. I've got HBO's docs on Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle still saved, and I own the Yankees three pack of DiMaggio, Ruth and Mantle on DVD. 



There is a LOT of angst out there about the play of Thon Maker. His play has certainly regressed. 

But I submit that he is right on schedule. Teams with powerful big men are pushing him around- Adams, Jordan, Horford, and a slew of others regularly push him under the basket and hammer he Bucks on the O boards. 

But that has to be expected. He’s more of a 4 than a 5, and while he’s certainly put on some muscle, he’s a long way away from being able to bang with the big guys. But he’s getting better, and if the staff can convince him to be confident in his mid-range game, he becomes a weapon. 

Mans hes 20... 2 years of work and protein shakes and he’ll start to hold up in the paint. 

2018 Salary Cap

More money to sign Davante!

It's Panthers Week

It also helps that Williams can block. Jones is still learning that..

Some clarity to the Packers' running back situation now that Aaron Jones is healthy. Jamaal Williams is still the No. 1 back as he played the majority of the running back snaps on Sunday. Williams excelled in the passing game, catching seven passes for 69 yards. He a receiving and a rushing touchdown.

Rob Demovsky, ESPN Staff Writer

The Bone Matrix

So, we're 7-6. We've hung on for dear life, awaiting the return of Aaron Rodgers, "The one who would bring playoffs." Memories of 2013 abound. 

He has "the Gift". All that could possibly hold The two-time MVP from returning to the field, leading us to victory again?

A Bone density scan.

So, what the hell is a bone density scan? Well, without getting technical (I've had four of these), it tests the strength of the bone matrix.

What the hell is bone matrix? Per the medical dictionary:

bone matrix the intercellular substance of bone, consisting of collagenous fibers, ground substance, and inorganic salts.

The bone matrix up close


In Aaron's case, the bone density scan (or DEXA scan, which stands for dual-energy X-ray absorption) will show how well his collarbone has healed post surgery at basically the cellular level, as it measures mineral density. If Rodgers has had a past DEXA scan, they will be able to use that prior scan as a baseline. Because while his arm strength is clearly fine, as he's already winging bombs fifty yards downfield, if our porous offensive line lets a defender through, and Aaron gets hit, he's got to be able to withstand getting driven to the ground. 

The Packer medical staff is one of the most conservative in the NFL, regardless of what that jackass Martellus Bennett opined on Twitter. If he's not healed, he won't play. In other words, our season could very well hinge on the result of this test.

Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed, Packer Nation!