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I just wonder if Gute is a wimp??  I am seeing so much rhetoric that GB has no leverage and they are giving away Rodgers because he doesn't want to play for GB.

   Who cares what 12 wants!  If I were Gute I would tell NY that if they want cost is #13 and something next year if he plays. Should he retire  and not return to the NFL the they would give back a 3 in 24.  Jets would have to  agree to not waive 12 to preclude the Farve trick.

  Only way this works is being willing to say April 27 is dooms day if there is no trade by draft 12 Rodgers can be Loves back up or retire and mean it.

  If GB is willing to fall on the sword in 2023 then the Jets are screwed w/o Rodgers and who cares!!  Rodgers is  screwed if he comes back and creates a scene and should  Love succeeds it will crush Rodgers soul.  Should 12 retire he will be bitter for the rest of his life and he won't be back in 24.  Packers probably screwed for23 but  most like pick high in 24!

  Would you be that determined or would roll!

  Pack 88


I know it's the Pistons, but this game still counts as much as every other game except the upcoming Celtics game and the Bucks are not on a back-to-back for this game or the next game.

Should have sat Giannis against the Nuggets on the back-to-back last game.

Bucks should still win tonight, but now they'll probably have to sweat it out a little bit even with the Pistons in tank mode.

Everyone in the rotation available except Crowder.

Nuggets have everyone.

Nuggets at home rested, Bucks played at Utah last night.

Middleton has been ruled out tonight with "right knee injury management." Hopefully that means they want to avoid him playing back-to-backs and want to make sure he plays tomorrow against the Nuggets. Crowder, Dragic, and Leonard also out. Speculation is that Ingles will sit out tomorrow night to avoid the back-to-back.

Bucks do catch a break in that Markkanen is out for the Jazz. Jordan Clarkson and Rudy Gay also out.

This is no coincidence that the NFL is sending a clear message to him.


Behind a paywall from The Athletic:

Hear that? Yes, and no.

A deafening silence surrounds the future of one of the best young NFL quarterbacks. But out of that silence blares a message that’s loud and clear. We’re one week into free agency, and it has been two weeks since the Baltimore Ravens used the franchise tag on Lamar Jackson to retain his rights.

The use of the non-exclusive tag basically signaled that the Ravens are open for business. Yet no one is burning up the phone lines. No team is clamoring for the services of a generational talent who, although just 26, has already garnered a rare unanimous MVP selection, 10 NFL records and 13 other team records. ll Jackson has done since taking over as Baltimore’s starter halfway through his rookie season in 2018 is put the Ravens on his back and make them relevant. So, in a league starved for elite quarterback play, the lack of even a few exploratory conversations for a player of Jackson’s caliber is unfathomable.

The owners for all of the quarterback-needy teams were quick to ensure denials of interest in Jackson were leaked shortly after the news of his franchise tag designation broke. They have spoken, and quite authoritatively. Their message is clear. In pro football, winning trumps all. Teams will turn a blind eye to the gravest of transgressions.

They’ll show mercy for any disgraced player if he has the redeeming quality of increasing a team’s chances of winning the Lombardi Trophy. But here, we’re receiving another reminder that the only thing more important to owners than winning is control. That’s why rather than whipping out the checkbook and rewarding Jackson for almost single-handedly making Baltimore a contender, the Ravens suddenly prefer frugality.

It’s why rather than capitalizing on Baltimore’s miscalculation and attempting to pry away such a transformational player, other owners are content to sit this one out. There will be no more resetting of the quarterback market with staggering, long-term, fully guaranteed contracts. Not on their watch. That’s the hard stance being taken.

Owners were upset when the Cleveland Browns awarded the controversial Deshaun Watson a record $230 million guaranteed contract (the first of its kind) to outbid the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers. And they desperately want to avoid a repeat. After Watson’s signing, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti publicly called the deal bad for business because it would “make negotiations harder with others.”

Bucks only up 5 after the first quarter. Were up 13, but give up an 8-0 run the last 2 minutes.

…because we need more to do than wait for Rodgers news. Just browsing through some old memorabilia. Take a look at that schedule. 1:00 every Sunday without fail. And then a month of only Bears and Vikings games. A bygone era. And, a sweet Thunderbird.