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John Hadl, who had some success as a quarterback in the AFL and NFL until the Packers made a disastrous trade for him, has died at the age of 82.

Hadl was apparently an even bigger legend in college, or else Kansas was desperate to have a player considered great, since they retired his number.  Then again, he played both ways there and punted, which the senior members of this forum will recall was much more common back in the day.

If you all want to bitch about what a disaster it was for the Packers, go ahead.

Took forever to locate this game. This is the ACC- Big Ten Challenge. Picking it up at half time. 37-34 Wake Forest leads. Lots of turnovers, so far.

This interview that posted today with DeShone Kizer about Rodgers is crazy. The first thing Rodgers talked to him about when he got to Green Bay was 9/11 conspiracy theories. Before the last couple of years, I would have assumed that Rodgers was just trying to mess with Kizer, but now I'm not so sure that this was the case.

This was also posted in the same Twitter thread. It's an interview with Seneca Wallace who claimed Rodgers told him that commercial airplanes spray chemicals while flying designed to control the population.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 10.35.31 AM

Does Rodgers really believe this stuff?

With the latest update, will be surprised if AR does not play.

Then again, if you are hoping for a higher draft pick, a broken, injured and immobile 39 year old QB is probably exactly who you want playing.

…because apparently Timmy! Is taking over the pithy thread titles

…because D.J. walks into synagogues to announce he doesn’t like bagels.

…because Tschmack and ammo are X4’s new “it” couple.


Jordan Love. Jordan Love. 146 QB rating, by far the best he's looked. He also looked like a starting QB.

ST's/Nixon: This is not Drayton's unit anymore. That unit is just playing so much better.


Barry is just God awful. 360+ yards rushing given up. With all that talent. They won't do it, but they should just fire him now.

Kenny Clark played like shit.

See also, Rusul Douglas. Brutal.     

Weather: TONIGHT: We have a few lingering showers around this evening. Overnight we dry out under mostly cloudy skies, lows 45-50.

Inactives TBA:

Man, Sunday couldn't get here soon enough after the Thanksgiving games.

Early games include:
Bores at Jets.
I would've taken the Jets a couple of weeks ago, but lots of turmoil with a QB change this week makes that much less certain.
Falcons at Wash. I suppose it would be better for the Packers for Atlanta to win this one, but hard to get worked up for this game.

Late game features:
The crying Carrs at Seattle. Hope Adams has a big day and leads an upset.
'Aints at San FranSissy. Again, it may help the Pack if NO wins, so I hope they pull off an upset.