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...because it's football.

...because with no Holiday Inn Express and no NFL Network on my Hulu's Reddit for me. 6;20 kick-off Mountain? Sa-weet!

...because Gardner Minshew is just fun to say.

The fact that he ever played a down in college, let alone the NFL speaks to his will and determination. As a six-foot, 150 lbs high school senior, Cecil wasn’t offered a college scholarship anywhere. His coach told him not to take off his shirt during workouts for recruiters so they couldn’t see how skinny he was.

Ultimately he walked on at the University of Arizona and became a consensus All-American and the Pac 10 Defensive Player of the Year in his senior year, a year in which he collected nine interceptions. When he left the University of Arizona his 21 career interceptions was a Pac-10 record.

Cecil was drafted in the fourth round of the 1988 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers and wasn’t expected to contribute very much, because even then at 6 feet, 185 lbs, he was vastly undersized in a league full of huge humans. After three years primarily coming off of the bench, Cecil’s 1991 season put him on the map. And, scored him some killer in-stores:

In starting all 16 games he had 110 tackles, three interceptions and a forced fumble. But more than that he made a name for himself with his aggressive, reckless tackling style; if he would’ve been a baseball player around that time, he would’ve been Rob Deer because he either ripped a homer, or struck out, every time.

Silverstein has an interesting  Piece out whether Gutenmeister may make moves before the trading deadline to get the Packers weapons on offense. 

I have full confidence in the defense (so long as they stay healthy). Offense is a different story, so far. 12, 17, 69 and 33 are legit blue chippers. If the GM can make a move like some of the players who may  become available, I'd sooner see that vs. a guy like Ramsey. 

Imagine an AJ Green opposite Adams...


Last year, Golden Tate, Amari Cooper, Josh Gordon and Thomas were all traded at mid-season. There comes a time when either a younger player makes a veteran expendable, or a team is no longer in the playoff race and looks to shed some salary cap space.

There has been speculation that the Cincinnati Bengals might deal A.J. Green, who is in the final year of a contract that pays him $11.97 million. He is dealing with torn ligaments in his ankle suffered July 27, but he should be back before the trade deadline.

Given his impending free agency and with the Bengals already 0-2, he could be on the market and might be the perfect guy to pair with Adams.

There will be others available.

Philadelphia’s Nelson Agholor has a $9.39 million base salary and dropped a game-winning pass Sunday, but he’s a slot receiver who had earned the Eagles’ trust after a shaky start to his career.  If the Miami Dolphins are still dealing, DeVante Parker or Albert Wilson would be options.

As for tight ends, the New York Giants reportedly shopped Evan Engram during the off-season and might be worth contacting. If Tampa Bay’s season falls apart, O.J. Howard or Cameron Brate could be investigated.

It’s all just fantasy football talk now, but chances are Gutekunst will have a chance to do something for his offense. He should strongly consider it because the Packers are going to need some help scoring points.

Eli Manning will walk away from millions.

Now we really have another reason to hate the Patriots.

In addition to the now multiple allegations of rape and sexual misconduct, turns out the Instagram diva likes to run up bills, and not pay them. Dude’s made $60 million as a player, not counting endorsement money. And he can’t pay for a $700 charity mural? 

This lady that came to his home to paint the mural of Brown-as she was painting it, she turned around, and Brown was standing there naked, with only a towel covering his junk (please tell me it was a Terrible Towel). She ignored him, and went back to work. But when she spurned his advances, he fired her. 

What a colossal dbag. How long until the Pats sever ties with him, and Antonio Brown is a Viking? 


So we get the Harbags coming to Madison this week.  I think this is the week we find out how good Bucky really is.  Do they show up and want revenge for last year's game in Ann Arbor? or do they pee down their legs in a big spot?

All I know is that I really wish this was a night game.

The Packers will be facing a pissed off 0-2 team. That's always dangerous. 

Still, a very winnable game for MLF and co. We should be looking at a 3-0 team by late Sunday afternoon.